Technology and Ecommerce have changed the way we shop. Today everything ranging from clothes to furniture pieces is delivered to your doorstep in the click of a button. Ecommerce totally depends upon the power of technology and cannot function without it. If Ecommerce is the plant, Technology is like the water and soil, which is necessary for its sustenance.

Electronic commerce depends upon technologies such as –

  • Mobile commerce.
  • Electronic funds transfer.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Internet marketing.
  • Online transaction processing.
  • Electronic data interchange.
  • Inventory management systems.
  • Automated data collection systems.

As evident, any advancement in the field of technology means growth of the Ecommerce industry.

Here are some of our major Ecommerce projects –

  • Developed a responsive mobile site for one of India’s largest fashion etailer – Yepme.
  • Developed the App for Purplle – India’s no. 1 destination for booking salons and buying beauty products.