There are different models available for engaging with us. Each model is suited to a different business and technical need. To best know which model is suites you, get in touch with our sales team who will guide you appropriately.

  1. Fixed Cost

    A fixed sum for a fixed job. These are generally used where product specifications have been finalised and no major deviations are expected.
    Any deviation from project scope is charged at standard daily rates.

  2. Retainer team

    Retainer teams are preferred in cases where

    • the requirement are dynamic
    • maintenance support for Web/mobile product is needed.
    • New product launches with varied requirements.
    • Greater flexibility is required in development
      • With project manager
      • Without project manager
  3. Hourly bucket

    We offer different packages for maintenance like 80/120/160 hours with a price of USD 15-32/per hour. You can buy any package for a month. Un-used hours will be carried forwarded to next month and added in the package purchased. In emergency cases, the issues will be handled on top priority. The add-ons can be discussed as and when required. We will calculate the time estimate for the add-ons and give you a price accordingly.

    • Use Hours as per need
    • Carry forward to next month
    • Min 80 hours of work required in a month.