With the introduction of proprietary tech more and more service companies are streamlining and digitizing a variety of aspects of their business. From management to distribution to marketing, everything is being governed by technology. The biggest advantage of embracing technology for service industries is that they get a competitive advantage.

Apart from this, they are able to operate more effectively and thus save money. Proprietary technology has also helped the service industry to improve communication internally as well as with the clients. The customers of the service industry always look out for the highest level of services and with the help of technology they are able to serve it.

We have provided the service industry with unique solutions to tackle their day to day issues. Some of our main projects are highlighted below –

  • Developed a unique mobile and web solution for students, teachers and parents to catch bullies red handed. The solution is called Bully Beware and it allows the user to record a bullying incident and send it to the school authorities either with their name or anonymously.