A web portal or simply portal is a customized website that immerses information from a wide array of sources in a consistent and uniformed manner. For example – web portals are available in the form of dashboards for the employees of a particular company. It is a private location on the internet and is accessible with a unique URL, and unique username and password.

There are various types of web portals depending upon the usage and content restrictions. Some of them are-

  • Government and federal portals.
  • Corporate and enterprise portals.
  • Cultural and trade portals.
  • Stock and financial portals.
  • Search portals.
  • Tender and bidding portals
  • Domain specific portals

The unique features of a portal include the following-

  • Personal login is required.
  • Only portal members can see the content.
  • Content is placed according to the requirement off the end user.
  • It is a secure access point for personalized information.
  • It has communication features with other portal members and even groups.
  • It offers interactive functionality for portal site members.

At Queppelin we take care of the following things during web portal development-

  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • Seamless updates and patches.
  • Friendly error messages and proper exception handling.

To ensure the security of the portal, we undertake the following steps-

  • Prevention of SQL injections and intrusions.
  • Password encryption.
  • Two factor authentication.
  • SSL/HTTPS for secure login.
  • Avoiding cross site scripting.
  • Software patches.