At a time when the whole world is undergoing digital revolution, using pen and paper to make a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish isn’t the ideal way of doing things. In the present scenario where we have the power of the Internet and digital devices, the effective way of managing your tasks and projects is through Task Management Software’s or systems. Such systems have the capacity to help plan, manage and organize resources in an effective way and increase the productivity level. These systems can also perform functions like budget management, resource allocation, and documentation. Today, many PC and browser based task management systems exist and these systems are finding application in almost every business vertical.

The good news for you readers us that Queppelin can customize these systems to deliver software’s specific to your needs. Let us have a look at the type of systems that we can develop to help you make your business more organized and effective –

  1. HRM Application Development

    A human resource management system is a HR Software that combines a series of systems and processes to ensure easy management of a business’s employees and data. These systems can encapsulate everything from payroll, to performance evaluation, and to managing the entire business. It goes without saying that they are an improvement over the traditional process and provide a method of organized management by acquiring, storing and distribution information.

    Though we can develop this Software to serve a specific task for your business organization, say improving the payroll process or tracking the employees’ work hours, but we would highly recommend you to go for a system that covers all aspects of the Human Resources department. Other than payroll process improvement and tracking of the employee’s work hours, a full-packed system shall include features such as tracking and improving process efficiency, managing organizational hierarchy and simplifying financial transactions of all types.

    A HRM Application developed by us shall serve you the following benefits –

    Efficiency of Administration

    Managing the information of employees on a paper based system can become a nightmare in today’s time. With an HRM system you can keep track of things such as – the work hours of employees, their leaves etc. The system can also help you in managing the pay slips of employees and give it to them as and when required. The management of all these things leads to efficiency of administration and reduces the costs substantially.

    Reduced costs

    A good HR system is instrumental in saving you real money. Understand this by considering the following example – The benchmark for the number of full-time HR staff working for a company is 1 HR professional per 100 employees. This ratio typically becomes 1 HR professional per 140 employees for a company that uses a HRM Software. This means that if a company of 280 employees uses this Software then they would have no need to hire two full time HR professional as they’ll be easily able to manage with one full-time person, because of the brilliant services provided by the HR Software. This will save the organization real money.

    Access to information

    If you use documents or spread sheets to store data you are just storing information that is not accessible to many people. With a HRM Software, you can make this information accessible to the right people through a central HR System. This will ensure that more people make good use of the data that you hold and put it into effective use.

    Improved communication

    HR Systems contain employee directories that store details such as the birthdays and the contact information of all the employees. This improves the communication between the employees substantially and also makes it easier for the people of the HR department to reach out to employees of other departments.

    Risk mitigation

    Most of the HR Systems come with a read and accept facility which shows that a particular employee was sent a message and they have read it and also accepted its terms and conditions. This serves the company well in case of a legal dispute, to prove that the employee was made aware of a particular policy.


    The HRM Software’s also comes with a back-up storage facility. This ensures that just in case the data is lost, it can be easily recovered.

  2. Accounting Software Development and Integration

    Accounting Software can be best defined as a Software application that records and processes accounting transactions. It stores and manages the accounts and also performs arithmetic operations. Their main purpose is to keep records of transactions like – account receivable, payable, payroll etc. It provides systematic measurement and verification of accounts data and is way more reliable than the manual methods of keeping things recorded in files and registers.

    It adds accuracy and proficiency to a business and makes it easier for the organization to monitor its cash flows. This visibility of cash flows helps prevent future financial loss, and also helps in making better monetary choices.

      Queppelin can develop a customized solution for your business to manage your accounts efficiently. The Software shall offer you the following advantages-
  • It will simplify data entry
  • It shall speed-up the accounting process
  • It will automate tasks such as calculating salary, producing salary slips, calculating VAT etc.
  • Errors shall be drastically reduced.
  • It will support other important functions such as online banking.
  • Fleet Management System Development

      So if you require a Fleet management software for your organization in order to make tasks easier to handle, Queppelin can develop it for you keeping your requirements in mind. The fleet management software developed by us, shall serve you the following advantages –

    • It will allow efficient preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling.
    • You shall be able to track the warranty of the parts.
    • It will make scheduling and communication easy.
    • It will increase employee and fleet productivity.
    • It will reduce the paper work.
    • It shall help in controlling the costs.
  • Payroll Management Systems

      As the name suggests, a payroll management system is a software that organizes all the tasks related to employee payment and also the filing of taxes. The functions performed by this software precisely include the following –

    • Keeping track of employee work hours.
    • Calculation of wages.
    • Calculation of tax deductions.
    • Printing and delivering checks.

    The best part of a payroll software is that it requires very little input from the employer. The employer or the person handling it only needs to enter the information such as the employee wage and his work hours, and the software completes all the calculations by itself.

    A payroll management system without a doubt can help you in increasing the efficiency of your business organization. So let us know your requirements and we shall develop a customized software to help you with your payroll management tasks.

  • Event Management Software

      An event management software encompasses a wide range of software products that can be used in the management of conferences, exhibitions, meetings etc. Their most common application includes –

    • Event schedule planning.
    • Customized event website creation.
    • Online registration and online payments.
    • Planning, booking and billing.
    • On-site operations such as registrations
      An event management software curated by Queppelin shall serve your organization the following advantages –

    • Reduces your workload
    • Reduces your costs
    • Improves the quality of collected data
  • Business process management systems

    A business process management software can be effectively utilized by IT professionals and business analysts to improve organizational productivity and profitability. A business process management system can help managers in the continuous improvement of their business processes by providing process discovery and modelling tools, workflow engines, simulation and testing tools. Such software’s can even support sophisticated business operations like real-time analytics, complex event processing and business activity monitoring. Apart from this, these software’s also have enhanced mobile, social and collaborative capabilities.

      You can expect the following advantages from a BPM system developed at Queppelin –

    • It increases the visibility of business processes.
    • It increases the efficiency.
    • It is highly cost effective

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