Although Windows OS is not as popular as Android and iOS but they are still in wide use and many consumers prefer them over the other Operating Systems. Chromebooks also have Windows store from where you can download several Windows based Applications.Here are three reasons why you should build your App on Windows OS –

Supports rich multi-media and gaming experience

The increased Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) support allows developing Apps with high quality graphics, audio and media playback. It also allows 3D games, loaded with advanced features, to run smoothly. Hence, Windows OS is great for developing power-pack games, news apps, entertainment apps, social apps, and any other app that requires stunning multi-media effects.

Secured internet browsing

If you are looking forward to develop an App that requires secured internet browsing then you should go for Windows OS. This OS comes with the latest version of Internet Explorer which has many security features including phishing filter. Thus, Windows phone Application Development is a secured alternative for business apps, finance apps and mobile shopping apps.

  1. Windows phone

    Queppelin can develop power-packed Windows mobile app for your business. You can rest ensured that the App developed by us shall be extremely rich in multi-media features. Development of an App for Windows phone has its own advantages as Microsoft offers the best and widest range of tools to App developers. Microsoft’s visual studio is one of the best suites of Software development tools and offers Android and iOS App development support as well. This means that you can develop Android and iOS Apps on Visual studio besides developing Windows Apps.

The best part about Windows App is that you can run the App on PC, Mobile, and Tablets without doing any extra coding.