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11 useful Android Apps for designers


Gone are the days when the only platform that a Graphic Designer could rely on was the desktop computer. Thanks to the advacements in the field of technology that today Graphic Designers have many other alternatives. Today, smartphones and tablets have advanced to such a level that you can use them to deliver quality output. Now smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices carry two of the most important operating systems – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The latter, thanks to its open-source origin and flexibility, has become the most widespread operating system accounting for more than one billion active monthly users. Android’s popularity has led to the development of a vibrant App ecosystem that includes many Apps developed to particularly suit designers.

Now being a Graphic Designer is more than a job or a hobby, it is actually passion. You never know when you find some picture so appealing that you need to capture it and edit it immediately, and for that purpose you need to have a mobile App in handy on your smartphone. This is exactly what makes mobile apps so important. But the thing is that there are thousands of Apps available in the Playstore for Graphic Designers, so the question is that how do you choose the right one? Well, this article is the end to your dilemma as we have today listed down the eleven best Android Apps for designers, present in Google’s Playstore. So scroll down and browse through these wonderful Graphics design Apps for Android, maybe you find one that is able to help you with your designing work at present and also in the future.

The Repix App offers highly customizable image editing. The App is actually quite easy to use and its best feature is that you can manipulate it with just the stroke of a finger. It comes with 28 different brushes, 16 different filters and a very good cropping tool. Another added feature of the App is that it allows you to work seamlessly by letting you switch between tools without any hassles.

Adobe Photoshop Touch


Adobe Photoshop has been a trusted partner of designers for many years and no list can be complete without mentioning it. The good news is that Adobe Photoshop is now available in the form of an App on many mobile devices. Since, as a Graphic Designer you are already aware of the amazing features of Photoshop so it is about time that you download the App too on your mobile phone.

Computer Arts

While we primarily talk about image editing and creation out here, you must also keep in mind how important it is to stay updated with the latest design trends and news. Staying updated with the latest news means that you can capture brilliant ideas in your mind and use them in your work. Reading about the latest trends and news also helps in boosting up your creativity. Now, Computer Arts is one such App that gives you all this news. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t download this App that comes with a free 30 day subscription.

Sketchbook Pro

The SketchBook App comes with a huge range of pencils, pens, markers, and brushes. It is a great application for drawing and painting and it also lets you work on various canvas sizes. An additional feature of this App is that it comes with a great brush library that features over 100 presets.


Evernote lets you create and edit notebooks and notes that you can fully customize with images, check-boxes and a lot more stuff. In all it helps you keep organized. So if you have trouble keeping track of all your ideas and the things that you need to do, then this App is definitely meant for you.


We understand that how important Typography is or Graphic Designers and therefore we have included this App in our list. Fontly is a Typography App that can be of great use to designers. This App allows you to browse through and share hand-painted typography to neon signs and everything in between. This App definitely gives a great level of Typography inspiration to the designers.


This App is a powerful image editing tool for the designers. Its interface is extremely easy to use and provides an effective solution for rotating menu options by using the corners of the screen. This keep s the centre of the screen free so that you can use it with swipe gestures to tone your effects up or down.

Sprite HD

With the Sprite HD App, each new screen display that you want to mock-up becomes a new page. And you can add any number of elements to this page to see how it will look. You can start with a background and build it up from there by adding elements to it from the library.


FormIt comes from Autodesk – the design company. This App makes working on any 3D design concept a cakewalk.

Adobe Edge Inspect

The Edge Inspect App is one of the greatest tools that are available for web design optimization. You can use it to preview your design on any of your devices by pairing it up with your computer. This cross-platform App also allows you to edit the pages easily.  It is one of the best Android UI design App that is available in the Playstore.


Snapseed is another effective photo editing App. It is mainly a filter based photo adjustment App that supports multiple image formats including JPEG, TIFF and RAW. The interface of the App is also quite smooth and innovative.

Although it was a pretty tough job to list the top Apps from the many available in the Playstore but still  if we have missed on any cool App meant for Graphic Designers, then do let us know at

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