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15 Ways Augmented Reality is Revamping Customer Experience

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is changing the way people do business. 3D objects virtually placed via user’s mobile devices can add layers of experiences and makes them engage more with your product or service. This enhances the process at every stage from pre-sales to sales to post-sales. The technology helps to strengthen the brand and consumer relationship. Here are 15 key ways, augmented reality is transforming the customer experience as well as marketing experience:

1. Helps In Presentation Of In-Depth Details Of The Product

Augmented Reality helps you to showcase every minute detail about a particular product. It can also show fun visuals about the product, the manufacturing details, and other relevant information. For instance, purchasing a smartphone will be easy as it gives a larger window to compare it with other similar products in real time. This gives an immersive shopping experience.

2. Let Customers Find Products Matching Current Trends

Augmented Reality shopping can help customers interact with current trends. Now, customers can view which of their friends have liked the particular product they are about to buy. This allows customers to buy with confidence and be socially acceptable among friends.

3. Assures Customers About Their Shopping 

Augmented reality will be very helpful in retail shopping. Customers can check out the positioning of appliances and furniture in their house before purchasing them. This way the furniture can be viewed in real life, as to how much space it occupies and whether it matches the interiors or not. It helps in easy decision making.

4. Revamps trial method while purchasing any product

Trying before purchase helps in making the right decision. A haircut can be tried beforehand to make sure that it looks good on you. Clothes can be tried before purchasing. Trying clothes physically usually takes a lot of time and can be unsanitary. Augmented Reality aids in getting a 360-degree view of the dress the customer is trying. They can also try thousands of lipsticks by just swiping through the menu using their smartphone’s camera. This makes shopping a lot easier and saves lots of time as well.

5. Augmented Reality Redefines the User Manuals

Augmented Reality user manuals can be very useful when compared to the textual manuals. This can help in effective and successful installation of the device or appliance. It also explains about the working of the product in a far better way. Simultaneously, it supports the environment by saving paper.

6. Makes Post Sale Support hassle free

Post-sale support is the most important aspect of the shopping experience and has evolved a lot. Servicing of products after sales will become hassle-free. Now a person can do it himself through AR manuals or a professional can assist him remotely. This makes the process easy and time efficient.

7. Increases Brand Awareness

Companies (especially tech companies) can get more out of new technology. They can demonstrate effectively to their customers as to how their products will meet their end goal. AR will be responsible for saving time, optimizing brand awareness, and improving sales.

8. Let Businesses Know What Their Competitors are Doing

Business can get to know what others (rivals) are doing in the industry. They will also get the complete acknowledgement of how their consumers are using and accepting the AR experience. This would be valuable in the testing process for any business.

9. Improves KPIs Demonstration 

The technology will be very helpful in service or product demonstration to the client. Business can explain to their clients more clearly about their approach and process. Prior to this, even after the best explanation, there used to be some ambiguity in thoughts. But AR removes the barrier with 3D demonstration and can clear the misunderstanding precisely.

10. Improves Data Centre Operations

AR has the potential to boost operational efficiency and thus customer service. It can better consolidate data, even from multiple sources, project server monitoring metrics and analytics along with data navigation into the data center environment. It would drive efficiency for server administrators working on the data center.

11. Helps You Impress Clients /Investors with Impressive Presentation

Whether you have a meeting with the potential investors or potential customers, you have to show your capabilities to convince them with your best. You can uproar in their minds with the best presentation style. Making an image or graph come alive from your screen can make a huge difference.

12. Amaze Your Customers with Virtual Tours

If your business belongs to the architecture industry, augmented reality will make in-progress tours super easy. Customers can get to see what you are planning with every detail such as precise color and materials.   

13. Compels audience with 3D replica

Augmented reality provides an efficient and inexpensive way to create a 3D replica of any product. It will drive more engagement with your products. For instance, with AR goggles, a person can see the technology, upgrades, and interior finishing of a car. AR makes him feel as if he is really sitting inside the car.

14. Provides New Options for Strategy

Augmented reality helps business to define a tactful and compelling strategy. Right now retailers and few others are taking advantage of AR. But it is open to all. By adding creativity and ideas, anyone can reach new heights in business.

15. Provides Business A Room for Manoeuvre

Augmented Reality is gaining prominence in the consumer market. Shopping experiences are about to change forever. It improves the relationship between brands and consumers during and post-sale of a product. The mentioned utilities are just the beginning of the benefits of Augmented Reality. The future of Augmented Reality holds a lot of promise.

You can read about how logisticsmanufacturing and other industries are taking advantage of augmented reality. To avail its benefits for your business, give us a buzz at and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. You can also share your views/suggestions/feedback about the technology in the comment section.

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