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6 Powerful Tried And Tested Methods To Increase Your App Downloads

With over 2 million apps across the major app stores, it is very difficult to get a significant amount of download of your app. To become the owner of a viral app, you definitely should know about the tacts that will help you to increase your app downloads. App store optimization is one of them. Let’s see what it is and how it will help you to make your app viral.

Almost every business needs mobile apps but how far it will be beneficial to the business will be depending upon how much people are using it. Business needs to ensure that the apps aren’t competitive at search result of a browser only but it should be on top in the app store as well.

Why And Where ASO Come As Handy?

Once I wanted to keep a track of my spending, I wanted an app for that. I was sure that there would be some app in the Google Play Store that will help me. Upon searching with the keyword “Spend tracker” in the app store, I got a list of all related apps. I chose the very first on that list. This is what many of us do to find an app for their requirement. Here ASO comes in handy to make any app visible.

ASO Drives Traffic and Helps to Increase Your App Downloads

ASO means App store optimization, is actually a bundle of processes and tacts that optimize the apps to be on top of the search in an app store. The higher the rank of the app, the higher will be its visibility to the potential customers. The main goal of the ASO is to drive traffic to your apps so that people can take a specific action such as get the app downloaded.

ASO requires you to choose keywords very carefully and that requires to know about your target audience deeply. It is very crucial for marketing agenda.

So, if you want to make your app on the top of the list against the search of the related keyword, you must follow ASO.

Other practices that will definitely help in increasing your app downloads:

Online Marketing is Equally Important

Online marketing of apps is another beneficial aspect to attain the attention of a lot of people in the market. You must create lots of content and promote it online as much as you can. Either create video content or a podcast or a blog and distribute it to media channels. Talk about your apps on social media.

Allure People with Offers and Benefits

Attractive offers and benefits are one of the effective strategies to encourage people to download the app. For instance, Google Pay and Uber enabled people to grab offers like free rides and cashback on making a move on apps. Similarly, you can get the attention of a large number of people with such kind of offers and benefits.

Testing and Optimization

Make ensure that your application is working as well as the app store page. Speed and features work well to increase your app downloads.

Revamp Your Strategy Based Upon Analysis and Insights

Always keep your eyes on metrics such as daily active users and uninstall rates. It will help you to decide on a strategy for further marketing and promotion activities. Also, with analysis, you will get to know what your users liked and what they didn’t like in apps.

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