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The Android operating system is based on Linux and continues to be the preferred choice of consumers. It is owned by Google and powers more than a billion mobile phones and tablets. Its first version was released in the year 2008 and since then its 10 versions have been released to the users, making it the most popular operating system. And since this Operating System has over one billion users, therefore we always advise our clients to first build a Mobile App for Android and then move to the other Operating Systems.

Queppelin has years of experience in Android Application Development and has till date developed Android mobile Apps for clients belonging to diverse industries. Android App development has a lot of advantages, namely –

Low investment and high ROI

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android is available at zero cost to the developer community – this drastically minimizes the development and licensing cost.

Open source

The architecture of the Android SDK is open-source, this means that you can interact with the community for the upcoming expansions of android mobile application development. This makes Android platform very attractive for mobile manufacturers and results in faster development of Android based phones.

Easy to integrate

Integration of an App into the Android platform is quite easy, as the platform is customization friendly. Hence, you can easily integrate and tweak the mobile App as per your business needs. It won’t be incorrect to say that Android is the best mobile platform between the Application and process architecture.

Multiple Sales Channels

Unlike the other platform, Android mobile applications can be deployed to the end users in different ways. This means that you do not have to rely on a single market to distribute your application. You can either make use of third party application marketplace or you can also form your own distribution and sales channel, like say – place it on your website. With this huge advantage, you can reach users through multiple channels.

Easy to build

Android mobile applications are scripted in Java language and have a rich set of libraries. With sufficient knowledge of Java, a developer can script code for mobile applications in the Android Operating System.

We build Android Apps that work excellently on both Android based phones and tablets.

  1. Android Phones

    We build mobiles apps for the Android Operating System. Building an Android App for phone may sound easy but there are certain critical steps associated with it, that our developers take care of –

    Conceptualization – The very first step involves understanding the requirements of the client. Based on these requirements the entire app development process is formulated.

    Wire-framing – In this step a blueprint of the structure of the App is created for the client’s perusal. It includes the features of the App, its feasibility and other such specifications. This step is necessary to ensure that the App is in sync with the requirements of the client.

    Design – In this step the official designing of the Android phone App takes place. The client is shown various static mock-ups of the several screens of the App to take his input.

    Development – In this step the designing of the User Interface (UI) and the coding process takes place. The prototypes of the App are shown to the client regularly to ensure that the development process is aligned with the client’s requirements.

    Testing – Throughout the Android App development process the Quality Assurance (QA) team at Queppelin performs several tests on the mobile app to check its functionality and remove the bugs if any.

    Market Submission – Once the App is developed and checked rigorously, it is submitted for approval to the Android Market. We also help our clients in creating a developer’s account, giving them full rights including pricing and account information, which helps them in managing the account. Once approved, the App is uploaded to the Google Playstore from where the users can download it.

    Promotion – The Android App development process doesn’t end at uploading the App in the Playstore. Queppelin also helps its clients in devising an effective marketing strategy to make the App reach the target audience.

  2. Android tablets

    The steps of mobile application development for Android tablets are the same as that for Android phones. In the Android platform the apps that function on mobile phones also function on the tablets.

    The only difference between Android phones and tablets is the screen-size therefore you must keep in mind to design a flexible UI that adapts readily to changing screen sizes.

    Apart from the flexible UI we also optimize certain elements for Android tablets. This includes alternate layouts that reposition some views or alternative dimension values for views.

    However, sometimes depending upon the application in hand, we go a step further and optimize the overall user experience for different screen sizes. For example – in a tablet the screen size is more. This means that it offers more space for you to present multiple set of information at once.

    Whereas, in a mobile device you split those sets apart and display them separately. So even though a UI designed for handset will properly resize to fit a tablet, it will not fully leverage the potential of the screen size of the tablet to enhance the user experience.

    Therefore, many a times we design a completely new UI for different screen sizes, if the client says so.

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