Augmented Reality In The Jewelry Industry

While the shift to digital commerce has reshaped buying habits, the majority of jewelry sales are still conducted in retail stores. In these changing times, people mostly prefer shopping online. Then why do consumers still choose to buy jewelry in-store?

Buying Jewelry In-Store v/s Online

There are many factors that lead to this. To begin with, jewelry is more than a piece of luxury. It is usually bought to commemorate a special moment such as a birthday or anniversary. Because of the occasion’s significance, buyers spend much time making sure the product is correct, discussing it with the sales associate, and of course, looking for many options before making a final decision.

We prefer to analyze jewelry before buying it which is impossible to do during online shopping, making many people biased toward buying it in-store.

Clearly, it is the lack of immersive experience during online jewelry shopping that leads consumers to buy it in-store.

So you might wonder what Augmented Reality is

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays 2D or 3D elements onto the real world in real-time using a device’s camera in a way that makes those elements appear to inhibit the real world.

AR is all around us nowadays. Be it trying on virtual clothes on an eCommerce shopping site to playing games like Pokemon Go, we’ve all experienced AR in one way or another.

Elevating the Jewelry Shopping Experience with AR

Now that we know why consumers prefer buying jewelry in-store rather than online, let’s take a deeper look at how this issue can be mended.

One of the best tried and tested methods to increase and promote online jewelry shopping has been the inclusion of Augmented Reality during online shopping. AR technology has revolutionized online jewelry shopping. It has given customers the chance to completely immerse themselves in the jewelry-trying process just as if they were in a store.

Buying from the store leaves the buyers with a limited number of designs and options to choose from. In contrast, online jewelry shopping solves the problems of time constraints, logistics, and offers various choices to help to make an informed decision.

Jewelry Try-on

This concept is as simple as it sounds.

Just turn on the camera and click the “link” button on the product website. A 3D model of the item will be displayed on the device’s screen. Users can do a lot more with their virtual jewelry than just try it on visually. They can adjust, pinch to resize, drag, drop, etc

Try Jewelry Ar Experience now by clicking on the link below or just scan the QR code

AR Technology can scan and detect the hands, ears, neck, etc., where the virtual piece of Jewelry can be placed to see how it looks there.

Top AR Development Platforms to simplify AR Creation for your Business

With the gaining popularity of AR, more and more platforms are emerging every day to help businesses create AR Experiences in lesser time than ever before

are a few such examples. Let’s take a brief look at one of these platforms, Vossle, that we have used to deliver some recent AR Projects.


Vossle is a no-code AR platform that helps businesses create interactive AR Experiences. One of Vossle’s most impressive features is the Virtual Tryon. Users can test out virtual items including jewelry, apparel, footwear, etc.

A URL or QR code can be used to access the AR filter. The camera will open up with the AR Tryon filter overlaid on it. Point the camera towards whoever wishes to try on the item before deciding to buy it (Try-before-you-buy).

Anyone can start for free and create an instant AR experience with Vossle. It does not require users to install any apps nor do they need to perform coding, hence making it a very user-friendly platform.

Use Case of Augmented Reality in the Jewelry Industry

Queppelin helped Titan’s Tanishq launch World’s First Jewelry Try-On in the Metaverse

Tanishq, the largest jewelry retailer in India, partnered with Queppelin to introduce its most recent jewelry collection through a metaverse conference.

The team accomplished the feat of developing the 3D Virtual Try-On for each piece of jewelry in the collection. Vossle’s Tryon feature allowed visitors to wear the virtual 3D replica of Tanishq’s new Polki Jewelry collection.

Vossle team accomplished the feat of developing the 3D Virtual Try-On for each piece of jewelry in the collection. This feature allowed visitors to wear the virtual 3D replica of Tanishq’s new Polki Jewelry collection.

It gave users a clear idea of how a particular piece of jewelry would look once worn in reality. They just had to scan the code next to the jewelry in the metaverse. The link will open to an AR filter for the front camera of their smartphone showing the virtual jewelry on the user’s reflection on the screen.

This virtual event was a resounding hit as it combined AR and Metaverse components to give its audience an amazing, immersive experience from the comfort of their homes.

Jewelry Companies can thrive with Augmented Reality

Implementing Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry is a win-win for all

Benefits of AR for Retailers

Benefits of AR for Buyers

Retail is changing and so is the Shopper’s buying behavior

Future of AR in the Jewelry Industry

Currently, tens of thousands of AR experiences are being used every day and more than 1B people worldwide use AR.

Shopping, designing, or production- AR in the Jewelry Industry is challenging the status quo and is hence growing popular each day. 

It is only a matter of time before online shopping is completely elevated through AR, especially for buying precious articles such as jewelry.


The pandemic made it apparent that people want convenient, frictionless, and distinctive purchasing experiences. Brands must be proactive in embracing new technological developments and integrating them smoothly to keep their customers satisfied and elevate their shopping experience.
Now is the perfect time for brands to integrate immersive technologies like AR to stand out and we, here at Queppelin, are here to cater to your AR needs!

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