Queppelin creates an AR Gaming Experience for a packaged food retail brand

(Client name withheld due to non-disclosure terms put forward by the client)


Driving the marketing campaign for ready-to-serve packaged food. 

Our client wanted to advertise Packaged Food to its customers by establishing an emotional connection while marketing the product. They wanted to lead the end-users to a smooth purchase experience with the brand by enlightening them with the product inside out.

They wanted some of the following essentials in the advertisement:

  • To convince the user that the product can be quickly prepared with instructions on how to prepare the same in an easy-to-use interface.
  • To be able to track the user insights, i.e, how many users converted to paying customers, which venues attracted the most traction where the advertisement was accessible to the users, etc.
  • To add a wow factor to the advertisement. In order to increase the dwell time by making the advertisement more interactive rather than keeping it one-sided. 


We brainstormed with the client’s marketing team and suggested they adopt a WebAR marketing campaign. A browser-based augmented reality marketing campaign would ensure each of the three campaign objectives mentioned above are met.
Leveraging a large number of smartphone users, WebAR ensures that the marketing campaign is reaching a large number of users.
Using WebAR development technologies like 8th wall and three.js, we developed an interactive and addictive gaming experience. Three.js helps to add interactive and life-like 3D models to the game. These models in the form of food items like rice balls, etc make the game more relatable and closer to reality.
While developing the game, the end goal of advertising the brand was always kept in mind. Thus, we ensured that each game screen had a client logo. The 8th wall platform helped us customize the loading screen for the game to suit the branding, helping us display the food ingredients used in the product.
The game is highly interactive and polka dots guide the user to move the vessel around on the dots and capture the rice balls.
Moreover, when the game ends, the user is given a variety of options such as to replay the game, to challenge a friend, or the “Buy Now” option to help him to go on to purchase the product. All of these help to either market the brand further or convert the user into a paid customer.
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Higher adoption of client's packed food among younger audience.


Longer user engagement levels with WebAR Game created around the product.

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