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How AR/WebAR is Gamifying Fitness Industry?

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Imagine zombies running behind you hungry for your soul and all you got is RUN as fast as you could or let’s go little light or imagine a perfect group where the individuals have similar fitness goals as yours. What a daily boost of motivation to tick all your boxes of fitness!

A perfect start to every day with the perfect partner for your fitness goals.


Let’s head back to reality and make it happen. Shall we?

They say don’t wish for a good body rather work for it. Your body achieves what the mind believes. Did you know that when it comes to exercise and mental health, statistics indicate that regular exercising reduces depression and anxiety symptoms and one of the benefits of physical activity is improved sleep?

But however we try, there seem to be clouds of excuses and doubts surrounding us every time. Sometimes it is too early or too late, sometimes we are exhausted or it’s the weekend. Our never-ending excuses go on; so on and so forth.

But today we are here to just solve that problem of yours. Add a pinch of technology to the bland dish of your exercising and see the magic. Augmenting virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence have come together to bring their magic into your fitness goals.

The things we imagined are all real and all we got to do is to gamify our exercise routines. Games, groups whatever works the best for you!

5 Ways To Gamify Your Exercise Routine

How do you get the head-start that you deserve in the race to the finish line? Presenting gamified solutions with holistic technology solutions to deliver real results for you.

When you choose to gamify your fitness routines you can compete against yourself or with other competitors, win prizes and earn the gratification of achieving your goals.

Some of the simplest yet most effective ways to gamify your fitness routines to always keep on track and never lose motivation are mentioned below:

1. Storytelling: stories add a personal touch to the journeys that we live. When we are personally attached to something we seem to be more motivated and don’t give up easily. Stories make it fun to keep routines running and not turn them into humongous boring tasks without any meaning.

2. Rewards and badges: another important factor that plays a vital role in keeping you on track is by rewarding yourself regularly where your brain will release dopamine chemical which is also known as the feel-good chemical. Once dopamine is released upon exercising it creates a strong pattern that our brains crave.

3. Avatars: having a virtual representation of yourself feels like having yourself invested in the activity. An online avatar can have an offline effect on the health of the individual. Avatars can be a fit form of the individual and can even suggest the individual how to improve themselves in subjects like healthy posture

4. Challenges and levels: nothing is achieved in your comfort zones therefore it is important to select suitable challenges and levels to improve your fitness levels and overall health. Peer support and pressure can be used in a positive way to bring out the best in yourself. Creating a strong and engaging community with similar fitness goals can help you keep motivated.

5. Get social, get sharing: when you flaunt your accomplishments and achievements you feel a sense of victory and help boost motivation.

The gamification of Fitness

Did you know that 95% of the resolution makers have to do more exercise as their top priority but only 10% of the individuals make their resolutions last till the first 3 months of the year?

The fitness enthusiasts aren’t looking for an app that has information on how to get in shape or how many exercises are there but rather they are looking for intuitive and holistic app solutions that motivate, deliver real results, and help them get in shape.

The most comprehensive alternative to the traditional is the integration of the rising technologies to level up your game of fitness. The secrets lie in the finer tuning and nuances of the app. The user experience and relevancy.

Gamifying refers to the process where a fun and engaging approach is taken towards any traditional structure or solution to create better user experiences. That sudden motivation to get in shape at 3 A.M can be sustained and turned into a constant ritual by making the process fun, engaging, and filled with rewards.

One of the stars in the spotlight of gamifying the fitness sector is creating augmented and virtual reality experiences for the users. Virtual training and coaching have become indispensable tools in the fitness world especially geared over the pandemic era.

Multiple apps now incorporate the virtual simulation of training sessions just by using the headphones. Virtual and augmented reality has already found a special place in the heart of fitness enthusiasts and gyms. These technologies can be seamlessly integrated with the personal gears with no hassle and you are ready to go.

So, how does it happen?

Augmented Reality in Workout Industry

How much time does it take to scan a QR code? Just a few seconds and that’s how easy it is to use these augmented reality technologies and incorporate them into your daily fitness routines.

Augmented reality is a technology in which the avatars and objects are placed in the real world meaning the real world is the canvas on which the objects are placed. Here objects could be your virtual coach, your very own digital avatar, or a badge that you are running towards. Imagination is the limit here.

With the AR industry in fitness reaching over $18 billion in 2020, the anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the industry is 43.8% from 2021 to 2028 reaching over $296.9 billion by 2024. it is no doubt the embrace of technology in any industry is exponentially booming.

Some of the undeniable benefits of the technology include:

The benefits of AR in the fitness sector are immaculate but, how can we incorporate AR into apps?

How AR features can improve your workout app?

Building a real-life app that engages the users meaningfully to deliver quality can be a daunting task. So, we are here with you to help you sail to the storm with the right tools and techniques by your side. Some of the real-life applications of the AR can help resolve the issue of making the right choice in the sea of options:

One of the most concerns of the developers and builders is how much pain do we have to take t to incorporate AR into our services. Well, it could be as easy as a pie with easy integration with Vossle by adding a QR code or link in the App. Just as simple as scanning or clicking a link.

Some of the game-changers in the industry that have joined the bandwagon of AR in fitness can be the trailblazers of the future:

Examples of AR/WebAR in Fitness
Web-based Augmented Reality experience created using Vossle platform

As we said before, imagination is the limit. In this fin and inquisitive app the user’s experience and immersive scenario where they have to run from the incoming zombies. With the gamification of the app using AR spooky storylines are used to achieve the task of running.

As the name suggests itself, the ARrunner is used to help the users achieve their running goals. Organized checkpoints help the users to create a path. Users are supposed to run around the dots or checkpoints in record time. A short, active and fun way to engage yourself in some running if you are not a fan of zombies.

Let’s take the AR a step further into the virtual courses. The app incorporates real-time GPS distances to give you accurate results. This one-of-a-kind app does not require any wearable or smart glasses. The app won the Apple Design Award and was named to the Apple App Store Essentials Hall of Fame.

So taking by the examples, augmented reality can be incorporated creatively to deliver tangible results. Yet, these technologies can be intimidating, and to create seamless experiences we have created AR experiences on Vossle that are just a tap away technologies.

Vossle is aimed at creating digital experiences that are easy, simple to use, and engaging solutions to the problems. A platform where users can integrate the AR technologies by just visiting the links and they are ready to go.

A comprehensive and virtual space of diverse and variety of workouts such as exercising, workouts, and yoga. Virtual realities motivate morale and push you forward to do give your best. Get the trainer right in front of you in your space and get the gear to get set and go. Click the links given below to experience it yourself:

Meet you at the finish line

Technologies have become a necessity in this era of digitization. They are transforming every sector of the world and keeping up with the latest gizmos can be exhausting. Therefore, we at Queppelin are aimed at developing solutions that not only serve quality but are also hassle-free and can be integrated into the present infrastructures of the organizations without any replacements. We have in-house delivering results with 24×7 support systems. So, get your custom AR experience or campaign made via the Expert Queppelin team of developers right now!

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