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How Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the Gaming Industry?

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Augmented Reality is now a fast-growing reality and trend in all technological industries. The gaming industry also realized the importance of AR after the exemplary success of Pokemon Go in 2016. Augmented Reality is often confused with Virtual Reality, and these two terminologies need to be separately defined in order to understand their significance.

VR & AR: Importance and Differences

VR puts to challenge some of our physical limits, modifying our quick experience of what’s genuine and disguising our feeling of being separate from what we’re “actually” seeing. Put on your VR goggles, and you enter another situation, encountered from a first-person perspective, the 360-degree point of view.

Like actuality, when you turn your head to one side or look into, the apprehension to look down or move in the direction of your left. While you realize you’re wearing goggles and earphones, you feel like you’ve been transported into some other world.

In Augmented Reality, a hypothetical universe is superimposed into the gaming environment. For example, Pokemon Go worked perfectly and stood as a model for the AR Gaming community. In fact, it gave game designers the basic idea for utilizing AR to get an advancement into their gaming features.

VR and AR integrated implementation has not found regular use yet. However, various game production houses are banking on this integration process to make their product more appealing. There are also some factors that can make VR-AR integration a steady force in the gaming industry.

VR-AR Integration: The 3-Dimensional Revival

3 Dimensional movies have attracted a great audience, but there are many more complications in this case. For example, 3D films involve exorbitant expenses, which may not be friendly to the films’ production budget. More are the complex graphics for a 3D game, more expensive it will be.

3D world is not new but it failed to make an appeal from the viewers. It is all because of high costing. AR and VR world well in movie Avatar and 3D earned popularity with it. The next concern is towards the gaming industry. However, with VR-AR implementation, the user gets immersive experience like real-life gaming. Hence, 3D effects will become the backbone of the gaming world.

Moreover, a VR headset is all you need and a joystick connected to the console or processor. With all these in place, just hop into the game. After its success with Pokemon Go, Niantic is also researching extensively on implementing this integration for its further projects. They may even consider remodeling Pokemon Go with this feature to bring a better appeal to the already hit game.

Use of Advance Consoles For Better Response and Feedback

With Augmented Reality entering the market, there will always be the need for upgraded and advanced equipment. One can use AR gaming consoles, which will come with better response and feedback, helping users explore more into the gaming world. Moreover, these consoles will come with a better response and feedback methodology as AR accelerates the user’s reaction, reducing hardware delay.

Augmented Reality can give potential gamers great assistance with gaming tours during any esports tournament or conferences. In the event that they can look at space early, they’re less disposed to face frustrations when they show up. Utilizing their work stations, guests can go on a 360-degree visit and snap-on explicit “Problem areas” to get acquainted with anything they see.

It isn’t just hotels or museums that are using AR/VR to help design their program. Social associations have jumped aboard with the transitory pattern as well. The Palm Springs Convention Center arranged in the USA dispatched a savvy 3D guide and virtual visit through a link with Concept3D. These types of events find great use during gaming conferences and sales.

Microsoft’s Attempts to Revolutionize AR

Microsoft has always been the king-maker and giant of the gaming industry for decades. Its games have found the appeal to almost all gaming communities of the world. For instance, Minecraft is a game that is considered one of the evergreens the world has seen.

If we consider Minecraft, Microsoft is planning on applying AR-VR and 3D modelling to make the game graphically appealing. Veteran gamers have a thorough understanding of Minecraft. However, new users do not like the game because of its obsolete graphics. Therefore, in order to attract the modern gaming community, these innovations will come really handy to market their yesteryear games along with their latest additions.

Minecraft Earth’s addition and announcement have brought a new frenzy into the gaming industry. In fact, the game suggests the integration of Satellite imagery of the actual world and using it to build up in Minecraft. This can turn pretty interesting and attract a similar frenzy as Pokemon Go did.

Understanding the unconventional applications of Virtual & Augmented Realities

Nearly all aspects of our business and individual lives have been improved through innovation and advancement in the shape or structure. Today, we live in a general public loaded with constant, on-request access to the world’s extensive archives of data and any item or service we choose to pick, regardless of where on the planet we may be, from mere Personal Computers at our desks.

VR has been in play since the 80s, when Mr Jaron Lanier, one of its essential theoreticians and designers, fathered the term. VR sets have been utilized in remedial research for the treatment of fears since the mid-1990s. However, they’ve just recently begun to enter customer advertising. Why? It’s generally because phones end up so universal and economical with their high-goals screens, little implicit cameras, and movement identifiers.

AR and VR innovation is likewise crucial for advancement and R&D to have a reason for the plan. In any case, we need clients to grasp why AR and VR characterize the best philosophy for them.

Revolutionary changes brought about by AR & VR in the Gaming Industry

VR and AR have engaged gamers very well to the gaming world. To provide a better and smooth experience to the players, developers have been working to bring up the right equipment. Thus in the present time, AR and VR are going to define a new gaming world.

Captive Experience

With technological advancement, the gaming world has come into a highly demanding sector to improve user experience. The smooth experience in gaming has made it challenging for users to differentiate in real and gaming life. AR and VR are supposed to be such a successful key to the gaming world.

Change in your lifestyle

It is not only about entertainment but the changes that AR and VR have brought in the lifestyle of a gamer. Even other sectors like education, medicine, tourism, and entertainment are adopting AR and VR technology. This will help them in gaining higher customer attention.

Real-Time Interaction

AR technology focuses to bring up the real and virtual world together. Thus it has become like a dream mid-path for the users to have a better experience. However, this digitization has acted like a complete game-changer for the manufacturers. Thus AR and VR are soon going to create a better engaging level for the players.

Features of Games

Games like Pokemon Go consume less data as they are set on a low-graphics gaming environment. Niantic did this to keep in mind that the set of audiences that would be playing from their phones would mainly be outdoors which would mean the usage of cellular networks and not high-speed fibre broadbands.

Therefore, the connections were taken into consideration before planning the game approach. This approach would surely change in this current scenario if the game is played on an Xbox or PlayStation sitting at home.

Therefore, it is easily understandable that external factors like gaming conditions, player’s internet connectivity, and device compatibility will obviously come into play once a game is being beta-tested or sent into the market. If gaming companies resolve these issues during production, there would be great reviews and the opposite would happen if not.

The gaming industry is so vast that once a company loses its repute by building a high and fancy game with negative reviews all around, no other game brought by the company may stand succeed in future.


With the advancement of technology, AR has brought up major changes in the gaming industry. Without any doubt, users are going to experience the real world replacement with the virtual world. Thus AR & VR have made a remarkable beginning to the gaming sector. Also, gamers are to bring new changes to the gaming world with much advancement.

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