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Importance of Mobile-Friendly Website Development in 2018

Smartphones are ubiquitous, efficient and increasingly becoming more common all over the world. With billions of smartphones in use today, this seemingly-simple device has come a long way from the bulky carry-around phones we saw in the earliest stages of mobile phone development. Today’s 4G mobiles are providing ease of access to information and facilities which was unimagined only a decade ago.

Need for Mobile-Friendly Website Development

According to a report provided by Statista*, around 32% of the global population had a smartphone, in 2017. Another report on Statista** points out that the number of smartphone users globally is set to cross the 5 billion mark next year, by 2019.

With the constantly burgeoning smartphone users worldwide, it has become essential for online businesses to have an effective way to reach to mobile smartphone users as well. Ever since Google, the global search engine giant, integrated ‘mobile-friendliness,’ as an important SEO factor, there has been a rush by companies and businesses to optimize their websites for easy access through smartphones. Despite the announcement being made beforehand and a couple of years later, there are still numerous online businesses that are yet to upgrade their optimization level to be mobile-friendly.

With smartphones replacing PCs and laptops as the source of internet connectivity for millions of people globally, there is an immense need for businesses and corporations to have excellent mobile-friendly website development integrated into their online presence.

 Basics of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Simply put, a mobile-friendly website is a website which is designed so that it can be read with equal ease on the large screens of laptops and PCs as well as on the smaller screens of mobile smartphones and tablets. As conventional websites are not able to render effectively on small-screened internet devices, it is important to have them optimized using mobile-friendly website development techniques.

Some of the points that distinguish mobile-friendly websites are:

Benefits of Having Mobile-Friendly Website in 2018

As the number of smartphone users increases, the volume of traffic from users accessing your website through their mobile phones is also increasing. To ensure that the user has an efficient and comfortable experience on your website, it is important to undertake mobile-friendly website development for your corporate website. If your website is not rendering properly on the users’ smartphone device, or it is taking too long to load completely, then this might cause the user to switch to a competitor’s website which is mobile-friendly.

The distinct advantages of having responsive mobile site development are:

Advanced Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Development is the Future

For the past couple of years, leading web designing and development companies are providing dynamic, responsive mobile site development services.

Responsive website development technology ensures that your website adapts to the display/screen size of the user’s internet device. In some cases, it can allow the content to be resized automatically, according to the screen size of the user device, while in others the web design may get displayed drastically different in the varying devices.

To overcome this complex process, numerous companies are now choosing to have their own smartphone apps developed. However, the higher expense of designing, developing and updating the mobile app makes it more efficient to instead transform your current website into a mobile-friendly website.

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