Questions answered about Metaverse

How big will the Metaverse market be?

The metaverse economy will stand somewhere between $8 to $13 Trillion by 2030.


Trillion Dollar

What will you do in the metaverse?

Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet with an immersive experience. Here, you can






Play games

Is Metaverse different from VR?

Yes, Metaverse is much more than Virtual Reality(VR). In fact, VR will form only a subset of the experiences that metaverse will facilitate.

What Infrastructure is required?

Latency needs to improve, and faster connectivity speeds are needed to further accelerate the already fast adoption.

How will the monetary system operate?

The monetary system of the metaverse will comprise both - Digital native tokens & traditional forms of money.

How many metaverses will be there?

Eventually, there will be only one metaverse and all the current metaverse platforms will get subsumed into it as interoperable virtual worlds.

Role of Blockchain in Metaverse?

Blockchain forms an integral part of the metaverse. It is used for record keeping and tracking digital assets.

Role of Web3 in Metaverse?

Web 3 will provide the underlying framework to the metaverse. It will allow users to control and own their digital content.

Where do NFTs stand?

NFTs will facilitate sovereign ownership. It will make digital assets tradeable, immutable, composable, and mostly interoperable.

Is the legal system ready for the metaverse?

Not yet, a lot of work is still to be done. The metaverse is still evolving and the legal system will need to catch up faster.