Benefits of Virtual Try-On

Virtual try-on renders a realistic idea of the product and helps find precisely what users are looking for, lowering the likelihood of a return.


Reduce product returns 

Try-on positively impacts the sales and profitability of a business by increasing customer conversion rates while reducing returns.


Boost Sales

AI enables try-ons to provide immersion, immersion adds value to customers’ shopping experience, thus giving them a tailored experience


Add a Personalized Touch

Shoppers don't have to leave the comfort of their homes, only to find their desired product or size is unavailable. Try virtually, and get it delivered.


Add Ease to Shopping Experience

The product, its dimensions, its features, and how an item will appear to the user can be visualized using Tryon technology.


Make confident decisions

Modern consumers value experiences and form stronger bonds with brands as a result. Consumers talk about cheerful experiences in their social circles.


Experience matters

Early adopters of AR will establish themselves as market leaders, driving more audience engagement through added popularity.


Gain a Competitive Edge