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Our expert team of website designers have hands-on experience of working on the various technologies involved in website development. Hence, we can easily provide you with custom website design solutions.

We have been providing website design and development services in India to many organizations. All the Web development projects at Queppelin take place with the collaborative effort of the different departments. All the projects undertaken by us are designed keeping in mind the UI/UX parameter as we believe that the experience of the users on the websites created by us should be seamless. Apart from this, since ecommerce is slowly and steadily becoming the future of shopping hence, we are involved in many ecommerce website design and development projects.

The website development process at Queppelin undergoes the following six phases

Information Gathering

We believe that the first step that one needs to follow in order to design a brilliant website is to gather as much information as possible, from the client-end.

Hence, we make sure that we spend ample amount of time with the client, understanding his requirements, his purpose behind setting up the website and his expectations. We try our best to understand the client’s business model and add an emotional touch to each project. After all a website is supposed to narrate the journey of one’s business and we do our very best to portray story online, in a beautiful manner.

We also perform a deep analysis of the websites of the client’s competitors and figure out the loopholes in their design. With this information we are able to give an edge to our client’s website over that of its competitions.

Other than this, we design the website keeping in mind the target audience that the client wishes to reach. So if the target audience is the youth then the design of the site is kept playful and vibrant.


The second phase in the website development project is efficient and effective planning. We gather all the information from phase one and develop the site map.

The site map consists of a list of the major topic areas of the website as well as the sub-topics. Curating a site map not only helps in understanding what all content needs to be there on the website but also serves as an easy to understand navigational system.

At this stage too, the designing is done keeping the end user in the mind. An extremely good user interface and seamless experience is necessary to attract new users and keep the old one intact to the website.

Therefore, we make it a priority to develop websites that provide unmatchable user experience. Other than this, in consultation with the client we decide the technologies that should be implemented and the elements that need to be incorporated, such as – WordPress or Content Management System (CMS). Other than this, the contact forms that need to be included in the website are also discussed and implemented in the plan.


The third phase involves deciding on the look and feel of the website. As stated above, target audience is the main factor kept in mind while making this consideration.

A website meant for youngsters shall look way different for the one meant for a financial institution or an ecommerce organization. We also implement this thought-process into the logo of the company of the client in order to strengthen the identity of his business.

We believe in keeping the client involved at the various stages of designs hence, the clients is shown several mock-ups of the website design so that he can express his likes, dislikes, and also give his opinion on the same. Once the design of the website is final, we move on to the next phase.


In this phase the individual graphic elements from the prototype are taken to create the actual functional site. At first the home page is created and thereafter a shell is created for the interior pages.

Once the shell is created, the designer takes the content and distributes it appropriately throughout the website. On the technical side, our front-end web development team is involved in writing valid HTML/CSS codes that comply with current web standards, and maximize the functionality and the accessibility of the site.

After this, elements such as interactive contact forms or ecommerce shopping cart are added and made functional. This entire time the in-progress website is available to the client to view and express his opinion on any additions or subtractions that need to be done.

Testing & Delivery

In this phase the complete testing of the website is done. This involves testing the complete functionality of forms and other scripts, as well as checking the compatibility of the website on various browsers.

This is done to ensure that the website is optimized to be viewed properly on the various browsers. Other than this, all the HTML/CSS codes written are validated to ensure that they meet the current web development standards.

Once all the testing is done and the approval is received from the client’s end, it is time to deliver the website. An FTP or File Transfer Protocol program is used to upload the website to the serve. Once the upload is complete, a final check is done to ensure that the website is fully functional.


In order to ensure that your website stays updated and receives regular traffic, it is necessary that it is regularly maintained. In this phase we do regular check-ups of the website to make sure that it is functioning properly. Other than this, we also update fresh content on the website as and when required.

Besides building up new websites, we also re-design websites. So if you are looking forward to give a fresh look to your old website, you can contact us anytime and let us know about your requirements.

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