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What is WebAR & Why it Matters a Lot


Virtual & Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the world with WebXR and WebAR which make it possible to augment reality through web browsers. Be it virtual meetings or product launches, or even furniture galleries, it provides direct web-based solutions, without consumers being asked to download an app.

Such WebVR, WebAR, and WebXR samples provide a deep introspection into the future of the industry. Be it any domain, from marketing to home appliances, AR, VR, and WebXR have got it all covered.

The era of Web Augmented Reality is booming with the 5G networking and the game-changing AI. It has all become possible because of the extensive web AR Frameworks which makes the development and rendering of AR in Web browsers possible.

The industrial requirement of WebXR Application development is skyrocketing, as the industries are shifting from on physical presence to a virtual location independent, work from anywhere paradigm.

Even the marketers now understand the positive influence of Augmented Reality Demos.

What is WebAR?

WebAR is the direct use of Web Browsers, bypassing the bulky nature of the applications, to experience the augmented reality from any device.

Yes, it means you just need any device with a working internet connection to experience AR, directly without the need of downloading applications and cluttering your device storage. 

With great power, comes great responsibilities. Since, webAR and WebXR, are lightweight, they run swiftly through browsers. Considering the limitations of the web-browsers, it poses a challenge for the developers who have limited access to device hardware because of restricted permissions to the browser.

Hence, a careful design paradigm is required in order to develop WebXR and WebAR applications

The Generation of WebXR

What WebXR is beyond WebAR and WebVR. It is an extended reality beyond your standard apps, through the Web.

These are the most primary hurdles that AR/VR tries to jump through. The dedicated hardware layer is being bypassed, and this being the primary reason for migration and widespread acceptance of the technology. The end consumers get a taste of what they will be experiencing through a progressively rich method.

WebXR further moves a step further for people with VR Devices and helps to design an augmented and more realistic perspective of the product which is being covered, hence ensuring more customer conversions.

This interesting project from Google is a prototype of how cross-platform and device-independent software are gaining traction in the present day. Further, much more advanced APIs like WebXR have been developed to incorporate the holistic experience the Web Augmented Reality has reserved for the future. 

It will not be wrong to say that WebXR is to VR what the web browsers were to the internet in the 20th Century: It is going to be open access to VR, bringing the technology to the masses. 

WebAR v/s WebVR v/s WebXR 

WebVR targets the use of VR devices for experiencing the environment. But it lacks the most important feature i.e. Augmented Reality.

This takes us to WebAR which uses various markers in order to augment reality. WebAR and WebVR are quite popular, but WebXR has become the most popular standard. The former can be said to be deprecated with the new features which WebXR offers. It provides an immersive web experience.

The inclusion of VR and sensors makes it yet more special as compared to webVR and WebAR. Further, a markerless WebAR approach makes it more interesting. What we mean by markerless is not using visual markers for positional and orientational analysis.

Rather, it requires a far-fetched feature detection and the use of correspondences for enhancing the experience.

How Queppelin does it?

At Queppelin, we have a dedicated team to turn your vision into reality. Our team of experienced developers and designers are fully committed to your requirements.

Our XR Labs assure an iterative design paradigm. At every level of production throughout the XR Application development, this ensures the highest consumer satisfaction.

XR is the best fit for business applications such as marketing, product demonstrations, presentations, and learning.  Facebook WebXR is one highly consumer-oriented example.

We get multiple queries of what problems we work on solving. Our teams work on bringing almost every vision to life. With clients spread across various countries, we strive to deliver the state of the art results that ensure end-user satisfaction and fit our client’s best needs.

We mostly work with the following tech stack : 

The beauty of WebXR is that it serves the purpose of catering the content to the end-users without the requirement of downloading applications, hence bypassing App-Stores. With our WebXR development services, your applications become approachable to a broader consumer base because of the smooth and interactive user experience.

This in turn benefits the marketing agencies a lot, reduces the incurred cost, and hence targets a broader user base. 

Our XR Skills and Experience

At Queppelin, we have a dedicated WebXR Lab consisting of developers who have been working on the technology since its inception. We strive to deliver innovative solutions for your ideas. We have custom-made samples for you for Web AR Face tracking which can be demoed.

Further, the above samples we covered provide a basic gist of the power of WebXR and we love implementing the WebXR services we have been offering our clients. 

How do we deliver our WebXR Solutions?

The teams at our Queppelin WebXR Labs follow the following protocol while developing solutions for you. It all starts with ideation where we analyze your idea, and select the tools to bring it to life!

We begin by listing the features you want in Your WebApp, incorporating your continuous feedback. This feedback helps our development team to strategize those features.

Our flow towards providing a solution for WebAR development, and WebXR development include:

In case you have an idea, or just need a demo, we are just a mail away. We love hearing and networking and are readily available at for queries. 

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