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Virtual Reality (VR) Meetings, Reimagining Work Meetings

virtual reality meetings

The outbreak of COVID disrupted the traditional way of working. While the shift from office to work from home was abrupt and tough, it has now become the new normal.

According to a report by Owl Labs, 90% of respondents found working remotely more productive than working at the office.

Evidently, people prefer working remotely rather than going to the office every day. To help further this cause, offices began adopting various methods to make the best out of work from home. Eventually, with the inclusion of tech tools, video conference meetings elevated into virtual meetings.

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is a three-dimensional environment built digitally to put users in a simulation so they can fully indulge themselves in an immersive digital environment. VR works using a mix of cutting edge software and hardware technology like Oculus.

The hardware supports sensory stimulation such as sounds, touch, etc. while the software creates a virtual environment.

For instance, just imagine putting on VR Glasses to play a VR car racing game. Since this technology is intended to “trick” the eye and brain by creating a real-life environment virtually, you will feel immersed within the game like physically sitting in the automobile and driving it!

The pandemic paved way for the long-awaited upsurge of this fascinating technology. Not just for entertainment purposes, Virtual Reality has now also made its way into more commercial settings. Workforces can explore and interact virtually using specialized equipment such as VR Glasses, Headphones, Goggles, Sensory Gloves, and more.

Rise of VR Meetings

VR Meetings have become a catalyst that is bridging the gap between the real and virtual workplace. Companies have started to conduct their meetings through VR Meeting Platforms such as GatherInVR.

A VR headset is required to convert ordinary meetings into more immersive virtual meetings. With its camera and inertial sensors built into the headset, VR technology detects a variety of actions to create a realistic experience.

An avatar can mimic a real person’s movements in virtual space and do any action, while the real person can examine all of these motions without exhausting themselves. This has led to a lot of advances in the workplaces that wouldn’t be ideally possible in a real-life setting. 

Why VR Meeting is here to stay

While working remotely, meetings are usually conducted on platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These tools are fit for discussions and screen sharing but they also leave a feeling of aloofness and isolation.

To avert such a situation, Virtual Reality can be of assistance as it encourages immersive digital interaction that leads to better engagement.

Moving on, consider that one of the reasons people travel to corporate offices or other locations is to meet in person. This is not only for human interaction and collaboration but also for greater focus on the issues under discussion. VR simulates being in a live meeting with another person, making interactions more personal without the cost of travel.

We now know that VR use in the workplace extends beyond just fostering inclusivity when working remotely. Among many other things, going VR has a significant impact on many crucial aspects that lead to the betterment of a company.

Virtual Reality Meetings Platforms

As of now, there exist over 16 VR Platforms. While the list is long, there are a few platforms that have laid the groundwork for current and upcoming VR systems.

How to Launch VR Meetings in GatherInVR?

Setting up a VR Meeting is easy. The procedure is similar to what you would follow to attend an online meeting. Let’s explore this on Queppelin’s GatherInVR Platform

Now that we know how you can set up and join meetings of Queppelin’s VR Meetings Platform, the next question that arises is what is an avatar.

Avatar- Your virtual self

Avatars are basically a 3D visual representation of a person created by using Artificial Intelligence and tracking body language. The avatar that represents you also enables you to interact with the content in the meeting. On GatherInVR, you can either get a custom-made avatar or choose from the pre-existing avatars available on the site.

Just like in a real meeting, you can walk around the room, converse with people, share your screen, etc. Additionally, you can even join different meeting rooms within meeting rooms, and so much more.

3D Environments

3D Environment refers to the generation of realistic atmosphere using computer generated software. People can immerse themselves in settings that might be typically out of reach due to cost, time, safety concerns, or perceived limitations.

On GatherInVR, you can get your 3D Environment tailored to your needs. It can be your office’s layout, a completely new arrangement, or whatever else your imagination and creativity lead to. VR Meetings can be made engaging by such customized 3D environments for the employees that feel nostalgic about the office environment. People can roam around the 3D virtual office space as well.

Additionally, GatherInVR lets your avatar freely navigate around the 3D Environment by using your mouse and keys like W, A, S, and D, similar to how you would move around in a game. The goal is to create maximum engagement & immersion by gamifying the meeting experience.

Going beyond VR Meetings

As VR Meetings have become a popular trend since the pandemic, more and more companies from diverse fields are getting acquainted with VR solutions. Let’s look at a few.

Who uses VR?

With its growing popularity, VR has taken off among consumers as well as a wide variety of industries. From healthcare to content creation to education and beyond. Here’s a quick glimpse of a few such industries using VR.

Is VR Expensive?

Virtual Reality was once regarded as an expensive luxury that few could afford. One of the key factors was that it was primarily utilized for gaming, and also the lack of available technology and understanding around it. 

The availability and affordability of VR headsets are growing along with the popularity of VR and VR services. Currently, purchasing a VR headset is less expensive than purchasing an Xbox or Playstation 5 and costs only 25% of the price of a high end smartphone.

This simply implies that a VR headset is a cost-effective investment and with Queppelin, businesses can get the best VR services at the best cost and consultation.


According to the latest research on virtual reality market, AR/VR technology is forecasted to deliver a $1.5 Trillion boost to global GDP by 2030.

Businesses are eagerly seizing the chances with VR as it has enabled enterprise leaders to blend in the best of both physical and digital worlds. This has benefitted not just their company, but their consumers and workforce as well.

It is worth noting that in less than a year, the number of VR startups has surged by 14%. Such companies have started with the aim to change the way we shop, entertain ourselves, and conduct business.

Clearly, this long-awaited tech boom has finally begun and holds endless opportunities in store for us!

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