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Virtual Try-onTry it before you buy it

Imagine if you could find the right fit or try the accessory before. Trying on the things that you buy, especially when buying auspicious and valuable ornaments and jewelry. Trying on things with the comfort of your home and all that you need is just the camera of your phone and with little magic of technology from augmented reality.

A perfect solution for online shoppers and the newest way for the retailers to reach their customers. In the world of online shopping give your customers the best immersive experience with virtual try-on. Take your shopping game to the next level with the right technology by your side!

Explore the right strategies of technology and take your marketing plans to newer heights. Explore virtual try-on.

What does virtual try-on mean?

Thanks to the AR technology, customers can now try their favorite products, from shoes, make-up, jewelry to clothes, and even tattoos, from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a smartphone equipped with a camera. You can see the products on yourselves before buying them. 

Get the right color, the right size, and the right style for every festive and every side. Pick what suits you the best and without wasting the time. The very first virtual try-on had been started by Converse back in 2012 where the users could try the shoes available. With the outburst of online shopping and pandemic, the global market size of virtual try-on has peaked from $3.53 Trillion in 2019 to an estimation of 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

40% of customers are willing to spend more on a product if they can try it through Augmented Reality.

So, how does Virtual Try-on does it all?

A.R – Augmented Reality

Behind the scenes of the virtual try-on is handled by the augmented reality running the errands. Augmented reality is the technology that leverages the power of artificial intelligence together with sensors and processors.

Augmented reality uses the real world as the canvas or the interface on which the imaginative or constructed 3-D models are placed. Augmented reality adds to the existing objects to the existing real world. It involves multiple elements that make AR possible. 

Starting from 3-D modeling, multimedia, real-time tracking, artificial intelligence, and much more. It superimposes the computer-generated models over any object.

So how can you incorporate virtual try-on onto your marketing strategies and improve the customer experience?

We got you covered!

Virtual Try-on Technology for Jewellery: 

One of the prominent industries where virtual try-on has thrived is Jewellery. The customers can now shop the look after trying on the piece virtually on themselves.

The technology captures the face or hand from various angles which helps in building the 3-D model from the pictures. Hence, capturing every angle possible to make the most accurate and reliable results. The virtual try-on is like a plug-in model and even offered as a SaaS service which can be one of the coolest and highest returning investing for the companies.

Virtual Try on for Rings

When we are shopping for rings or jewelry pieces we are often worried about the size and how will it look on us. With virtual try-on, you can easily get the right piece with the right size delivered at your doorstep from the comfort of your home.’

Virtual try-on applies to almost anything and everything that can be captured from various angles. Rings are no exception as it makes it effortless to try on the ring that fits perfectly on your finger. Organizations have added on the feature to improve their customer experience and deliver a quality shopping experience.

Even these gizmos are periodically updated and added on with new features to keep the audience engaged such as:

Using Hand Tracking and AR 

With the hand tracking feature, customers can change the product or the effect of the try-ons with their hand motion. This intricate and immaculate working of the technology is possible with sensors present in smartphones. 

For example, a customer can wear a virtual ring and find the perfect fit by visualizing the ring on their hands. Their motion and hand structure will be captured using sensors and cameras.

Benefits Of Virtual Try-On To The Customers

In the world of online shopping, customers are often unsure of the products that are to be delivered and crib about size or quality delivered. This results in an increase in returns of the goods and hence depreciation in the sales chart. 

Therefore, one of the most comprehensive solutions to the problem is leveraging the power of technology for the benefit of customers.

With virtual try-on:

These perks have direct benefits for e-commerce retailers and organizations. With over 40% of people valuing good customer service and 70% of people are expected to be more loyal too to brands incorporating AR as their shopping experience. 

Benefits Of Virtual Try-On To Retailers & Brands

Creating a seamless and smooth customer journey online must be one of the most prioritized goals of the marketing teams. A shopping experience that fulfills the customer’s needs and delivers just the right can be tacked by incorporating AR technology into the online facet of the organization.

There are numerous benefits of using the service:

Types of Virtual Try-on Solutions:

There are multiple types of virtual try-on to fit every box, every need, and every industry. From clothes, makeup, eyewear to shoes, jewelry, and even technology gadgets. These virtual try-on solutions augment the existing technology or software to provide the organizations with a seamless addition to their present infrastructure.


E-commerce has taken multiple strides and completely transformed itself to fit the needs and wants of the consumers. Compatible with popular and big marketing and sales platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and many more to give the customers an ideal solution without any add ons.


Modernize the in-store shopping experience by integrating the virtual try-on technology in the stores of the organization which could act as an attraction to the newer and wider range of customers. Keeping the precautions in mind, provide the customers with a convenient and hands-free experience. 

Install the latest tech with just a couple of gadgets and you are good to go.


Exhibitions act as a magnet with the right marketing tactics and inclusion of the latest tech. The hub for the public can act as your ambassador if done right. Gain exposure and valuable customers with the right mix and match of attractions such as a virtual try-on.  

Become the star of the show and steal the limelight with technology by your side.

All these add ons and integration could still be a hectic job if not done right and with the right providers. Therefore, bringing you the most holistic and personalized solution right at your fingertips.

A Personalized Virtual Try-On Solution developed just for you

Finding the right developer that meets your needs and requirements is a crucial step in endeavoring a success story. With Queppelin, you can design a holistic virtual try-on that fits perfectly with your needs and wants. Analyzing the data and drawing useful conclusions is our expertise.

Mapping the right technology with your demographics and dynamics in mind with the perfect balance of finance and expenditure. Get the right tech, right now with Queppelin!

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