Augmented, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence (AR/VR/AI) Services

Immersive solutions designed to serve businesses across industries at various stages of the value chain. Our technologies make it possible to create immersive experiences. We believe that Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground for brands.

We, at Queppelin, help businesses unlock value from immersive technology


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Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions for Businesses

Increased Productivity, Efficiency and Safety

How to use it in business?

Upkill Workforce
Increasing Worker Productivity
Lower Operational Costs
Reduce Shutdowns & Downtimes
Quality Assurance

VR App Development

VR Design

360 Virtual Tours

VR Retail Experience

VR Game Developer

VR App for E-commerce

Virtual Product Experience

VR Consultation

Revolutionize customer experience with Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

Increased Engagement, Immersion & Campaign ROI

How to use it in business?

Brand Differentiation
Low-cost Visualization of High-cost Assets
Build Try On Solution
Explain Complex Concepts
Quality Assurance

How we created an Augmented Reality Platform for LiveOrbis from scratch.

Custom AR Development

AR Experience Design

Markerless AR Apps

Marker-based AR App

AR Gaming Development

Android/iOS AR Development

AR Virtual Tours

Hire Industry Expert for custom requirements of your business needs.


  • Ar.js
  • Three.js
  • A Frame
  • 8th Wall
  • AR Kit
  • AR Core
  • Unity 3D
  • Vuforia
  • Unreal Engine
  • Machine Learning
  • 3ds Max
  • Blender
  • Maya
  • Node.js
  • React
  • React Native

Our Try On Solutions

Queppelin’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology based solution for businesses

Products we've built

Queppelin’s Virtual Reality (VR) technology based products for businesses

Where can businesses use our products and services?


Sales & Marketing

Customer Experience


Service & Operations

Potential for AR VR Development for Industries


  • Web-based AR Marketing Campaigns
  • Immersive Experience
  • Virtual Experience Centers
  • Product Catalog Visualization
  • Virtual 3D showroom
  • Virtual Reality Retail Stores
  • Augmented Reality Tryons

  • Real Estate

  • Property Tours in VR
  • Property Tours in WebAR
  • Interior Designing in AR
  • Virtual Events Solution
  • Virtual Shopping Experience
  • 3D Architectural Design

  • Education & Training

  • Flight Training through VR Simulation
  • Fire Safety Training in VR
  • Virtual Training for Kids through AR & VR 
  • Interactive Walkthroughs & Tutorials
  • Virtual Reality Travel Experiences

  • Manufacturing

  • Product Manuals in AR
  • Assembly Training in VR
  • Virtual Walkthrough of Plants
  • Product Simulation

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Virtual Reality Travel Experiences
  • Virtual Historical Tours
  • Location-Based AR Apps

  • Healthcare

  • Surgical Training in VR
  • General Patient Care Training in WebAR
  • Hospital & Doctor Info in WebAR

  • Our clients love working with our team

    Meet Queppelin - The Metaverse Company

    We have been developing products for our clients for over 11 years now

    Founded by your neighborhood geeks, Queppelin has become a leading Artificial Intelligence(AI), Augmented Reality(AR), and Virtual Reality(VR) company.

    Queppelin’s emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction has been the main reason for our loyal customers to continue working with us. We are known to go a notch higher to suit the needs of our clientele and we’re proud of creating valuable experiences for our clients. 

    Our founders are serial tech entrepreneurs who converge from diverse domains including Tech, Telecom, and Internet – raising investments of more than $4 Million from marquee VCs. Our two founders have developed tech platforms that have been showcased at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, and have impacted millions of users worldwide. 

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    Pulkit Mathur


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