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Game Development Services

We offer comprehensive game development services spanning all three stages – pre-production, production, and post-production. We provide full-cycle game development, gaming projects revamp, and game developmental task outsourcing services. Our experience in interactive and immersive technology helps you offer top-class modern gaming experiences to your audience. With spectacular visuals along with smooth and intuitive gameplay, your game becomes irresistible for the game folks.

The growing Gaming Industry

3.24 B

There are 3.24 billion gamers across the globe with Asia as the largest market.

214 M

More than 214 million American play video games. With 51.1 million children, while 163.3 million adults.

9.5 Hours

Europe’s average gamers spend 9.5 hours a week playing video games.

Our Comprehensive Game Development Services

Queppelin extends end-to-end game development services for all prominent platforms. Our expert game development team assists you through full-cycle game development, and game art including 2D & 3D graphic designs, modeling, rigging & rendering animations, and much more.

The gaming community is one of the biggest audiences with 3 billion players worldwide. It boasts lucrative financial opportunities for businesses and acts as a dependable platform for products and service promotions.

Unreal Engine Game Development

Our Unreal engine development team utilizes the open-source platform for its exclusively high-resolution graphics and unique features like nanite, lumen, and World Building.

  • Unreal Engine 3D Modeling
  • Unreal Engine Animation
  • Unreal Pipeline Integration
  • Unreal Cross-platform Gaming
  • Unreal Engine VR Game Development
  • Unreal Engine AR Game Development
unreal gaming experience
virtual reality gaming experience

Virtual Reality Game Development

Build new-age gaming with our VR Game Development Services for a completely captivating gaming experience. Games that users can be in and live their imaginations.

  • Custom VR Game Software Development
  • Game Optimization for all VR devices
  • VR Game Assets & Environment Development
  • VR Game Art & Designing

Metaverse Game Development

With our global leading metaverse development expertise, you own a metaverse game that users enjoy. Build games that users engage more with resulting in revenue generation.

  • Metaverse Games like Play-to-earn and Move-to-earn
  • Social Gaming
  • Avatar Creation
  • Blockchain Integration
vr entertainment
mobile app game development

Mobile Game App Development

We develop gaming apps for Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems to extend your business reach to 6.648 Billion smartphone users.

  • Mobile Game Designing Services
  • Mobile Game Development Services
  • Mobile Immersive AR/VR Game
  • Mobile Game Animation
  • Mobile Social Game Development

PC Game Development

Our PC game development services render high-end games for Windows, macOS, Linux, and others. With effective optimization, our games run smoothly on all configurations.

  • PC Game Art and Designing
  • PC Game Animations
  • PC Game Software Solutions
  • PC Custom Application
pc game development
ar game development

AR Game Development

Queppelin is one of the leading and trusted organizations in AR development including WebAR. We converge digital gaming elements with the real world for a mindblowing user experience.

  • Web AR Game development
  • 3D asset productions for AR experiences
  • Geo-based AR Gaming like Pokemon Go’

NFT Game Development

We integrate NFTs into your gaming projects giving your audience a lucrative financial reason to engage with it. They obtain in-game NFT to trade and earn huge profits.

  • ERC 20, ERC 721, and ERC 1155 
  • Generative NFTs
  • In-game asset NFTs
  • Game NFT Marketplace 
nft game development
virtual reality gaming experience

Unity Game Development

We use the Unity engine for its cross-platform capability and rich asset store to develop multiplayer games for a wide variety of desktops, mobile, consoles, and other platforms.

  • Unity Engine 2D/3D Modeling
  • Unity Engine 32D/3D Animation
  • Unity Pipeline Integration
  • Unity Cross-platform Gaming

Queppelin - A one-stop-shop for all Game Development Solutions

Queppelin maintains a vast conglomeration of game development tools and technology. This helps us serve you much better and more exhaustively for all your game developmental needs. You share your goals and we share our time-tested way to achieve them.

Full-Cycle Game Development Services

We offer full-cycle game development for all three stages from pre-production and production to post-production. We tailor our game development solutions carefully to meet your specific needs and resources.

Expert Technology Professionals

Queppelin is an acclaimed organization in immersive and interactive technologies such as AR, VR, Metaverse, Unity, Unreal, etc. We infuse your game project with intuitive and smooth interactive elements for a great user experience that grabs instant popularity among gamers.

AAA-level Game Development

We cover all gaming genres and gaming platforms. We develop AAA-quality games on high-performing game engines with top-class visuals, game logic, character designing, animation, and game mechanics and testing.

Best Security Practices in the Industry

Queppelin is an over-a-decade-old market player and has partnered with some of the biggest organizations. We understand and pay special attention to your data and infrastructure protection by adhering to our standard protection policy.


Flexible & Scalable Outsourcing

With our outsourcing services, you get full freedom to adjust our assistance on a project requirement basis. As per your objective and stage of the project enhance or relax the team strength and make the most out of your business resources.

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Our Game Development Process


Game Development Document

The pre-production phase is to finalize the game narrative, basic structure, and rules. We document all the necessary details in the Game Development Document (GDD).


Concept Art

In this step, we draw the basic concept art of the characters, environments, and other in-game objects following the GDD. This facilitates 3D visualization and clarity on upcoming processes.


Game Assets Creation

This step involves 3D & 2D modeling of the game assets. We use the latest software applications as per the goals of our clients and the concerned project requirements.



The game assets are animated in this step. This involves human body animation for game characters and inorganic animation for game objects as per requirement.


Level Designing

We plan and design succeeding game levels, player capabilities, obstacles, mechanics, and objects. Our main focus is to offer a great gaming experience that ensures success.


Game Mechanics Creation

We work on the base programming of the game forming the game mechanics. Here, we lay down the governing rules of the game and the gameplay interaction.


AI Integration

This enables intelligent behaviors by the non-player characters (NPCs), the game environment, and the objects therein. It is a big contributor to the overall gaming experience.


Game Optimization

We enhance the gaming visual experience by optimizing the graphic. It also ensures that the visual experience stays the same over a wide range of hardware specs.


Game Testing

We run rigorous testing procedures to identify bugs and issues in the game. Once identified, we resolve the issues and make the game ready to hit the market.


Game Launch

We help clients release the game on the targetted platform(s). We also set up mechanisms to troubleshoot post-production issues under our comprehensive game development services.

Outsourcing Game Development Services for Business Advantage

Outsourcing game development services possess huge advantages for businesses. Not only do they get access to knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced game developers for high-quality outcomes but also the project is finished within specified time and resources.


The first and foremost benefit of outsourcing your game development projects is access to domain expertise. Game development companies like Queppelin ensure high-quality gaming content through an ever-ready expert team maintaining working experience with industry leaders on their disruptive projects.

Hence, they can handle projects of any genre and scale, sort out project concerns and plug the gap in your existing projects using their skills.

Outsourcing game development gets you the highest quality outcomes with way lesser resources compared to an in-house development team.

No need to hire a full-time in-house game development team, and spend on training, vacations, hardware, and software provision, and other necessities. Queppelin takes complete care and ownership of the team and the human resource management responsibilities.

Outsourcing allows you to scale your resources as per the need and stage of the projects. With the agile project management methodology at Queppelin, you get regular updates on the project.

Accordingly, you decide whether to upscale or downscale the resources. Hence, outsourcing your game development tasks gets you the best results with your limited financial and temporal means.

You can set a fixed timeframe for your projects by partnering with an outsourcing agency. Queppelin’s domain expert for each developmental segment brings precision and minimizes errors and delays.

This also lets you focus on more important areas of your business. You can even take up more projects for more financial gains and scale your portfolio by outsourcing.

game art outsourcing

Game Art Outsourcing Service - Because visibility matters

Queppelin’s game art services ensure a great visual experience for your audience. Our team develops the graphic component with due attention and delivers a top-class game art and design solution that stir up the gaming community.

  • 2D & 3D Game Art & Designing, 
  • Asset and Prop Modeling
  • Environment Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Game Character Design
  • UX Designing

Our Work

We’ve been providing new immersive solutions to businesses for year now. We help businesses connect with their users and explore the metaverse.

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Game development service outsourcing is a delegation of the secondary game development process to a game outsourcing company. Companies partner with outsourcing service providers under a pre-defined project management methodology.

Yes, game companies outsource to game outsourcing companies to focus on the primary developmental and technical aspects of games such as core game logic, and game storyline while leaving secondary developmental aspects to the outsourcing companies.

Game development companies usually follow the given stages in their game development process. 

Pre-production –  Concept building, Character/environment designing, Game prototype.

Production – Game designing, Game art, Game development, Sound designing 

Testing – Search and correction of game design errors, game logic problems, and critical bugs. 

Release – Gameplay fine-tuning by Game designers in the real-world scenario

Support and maintenance – Maintenance and error resolution

Game development companies outsource to get the best value for money and time. Game development consists of various primary and secondary processes. It is not possible for Game development companies to give each process its due attention. Outsourcing makes it easier and faster while producing good quality work.

Choose Qeppelin For Ideas, Implementation, And Impact

Queppelin is an eminent name in the game development domain. We develop games that resonate with the gaming community and hit the success mark right off the bat. We serve through our comprehensive package of services including, planning, concept designing, testing, publishing, and support. Our creative approach to each project leads to impactful idea execution that meets gamers’ expectations.