Creating Warrior NFTs using Solana & Fractal for House of Sparta


House of Sparta is a play-to-earn game that utilises high definition 3D NFTs for an amazing
user experience. It is founded on Solana blockchain technology that offers extensive
scalability and mining efficiency.

As it is an NFT based gaming experience, the user has to buy their NFT, a Commander, that
represent them in the game. Through this NFT they can participate in the game and attain
various in-game advantages like better attacking skills or higher grade of defense.

Moreover, it is a community-led gaming project wherein holding the House of Sparta NFT
also grants voting rights to the users. They can use this voting to decide the future course
of the game development.

Goal: Creation of Spartan NFT using Solana & Fractal

As NFTs form a vital part of this game, thus, NFT creation was the most crucial step and having a wide range of attractive Solana based NFTs was indispensable for a successful launch of the game.

Thousands of warrior NFTs were to be created and all these NFTs have to be unique to represent unique attributes and advantages that they bring to the users in the game.

Moreover, the game owners aim was to generate traction for the upcoming game launch through offering these NFTs. Further, they also aspired to create a loyal user base for the game once it is launched.

To sum it up, our clients approached us for NFT creation to meet the following goals:

  1. Achieve a wide range of attractive warrior NFTs
  2. Create traction for the game launch through these NFTs
  3. Build a loyal user base for the game.

Solution: NFTs and Video creation

We understood the need and goals of our clients, and our team of NFT experts started the work on it.

We created around 100 warrior NFTs for our clients utilising the Solana blockchain platform. The NFTs we quite attractive, unique and blend smoothly with the theme of the game.

Further, utilising the Solana platform allowed us to process a much greater number of transactions at significantly lower transaction fees compared to rival blockchains platforms.

Moreover, we also created a promotional video teaser for the game showcasing different aspects of the game and generating curiosity in the users.

Success: Launched their NFT on

Our hard work and dedication got reflected in the response that we received from the users towards these warrior NFTs.

The client liked the NFTs and was impressed by the quality of NFTs that were produced in
a short period.

They decided to move ahead by listing all of them on Fractal by Twitch, one of the largest NFT platforms. And in a matter of hours, all these NFTs got sold out. Thus, the minting was a roaring success that demonstrated a glimpse of our capabilities. And more importantly, it helped our clients in achieving their desired goals.

The case study provides clear evidence that the upcoming investments avenues like Metaverse, NFTs are a great venture to explore.

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