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Augmented Reality(AR) is the need of the hour for impacting your customers with your brand and its products. AR is not affordable for most businesses and continues to be the part and parcel of large corporations. Even these corporations needed to set up a different team altogether to come up with a unique branding strategy involving AR. 

A lot of complications were involved whenever a brand thought to launch a native AR app. The 3D models, the type of platforms, the iterations to be carried on for creating the app, etc were time-consuming. It did not take less than a few months to launch a basic version of the app. The need for a ready-to-use platform was felt to experience AR with the help of native apps.


Queppelin decided to touch every roadblock in the creation of a native AR app. The goal was to reduce the time taken to create a native AR app along with reducing the expenses involved on the part of the business. We also wanted to democratize developing native AR-based applications to help SMEs and other businesses to provide deeper levels of customer satisfaction.


Queppelin developed a DIY platform called LiveOrbis. LiveOrbis’s mission is to bring Augmented Reality technologies for SMEs and end-users. This will help SMEs to make an impression of their own and also engage customers with a creative AR experience. LiveOrbis is already 5 years old and is continuously improving with the help of our team. It has the following characteristics:

It is a cloud-based solution. So, you can make your native AR experience and host it on the LiveOrbis platform itself. If you don’t want to host it on LiveOrbis, then you can preview your experience created using LiveOrbis and then host the app on some other platform. The experience will be seamless irrespective of the platform.
It helps you to create an AR experience for your website, android apps, or iOS apps.

Merchants have to log in to the dashboard to create AR experiences. There they have to enter the information regarding the AR experience they want to create like the marker image, the 3D objects to be overlaid, geographical coordinates, and animation type.  The AR content shown on the screen can be animation, audio, video, or a photo. 

The AR experience will only run when the marker image is scanned at that defined location. Scanning the marker at any other location will not bring up the AR experience. Admins can use the admin portal and access the AR experience to add any modifications if necessary. Merchants can create any number of AR experiences with the premium plan at affordable subscription-based pricing but limited data usage is allowed in the free tier plan.


The technology to create AR experiences are now available for usage to SMEs at affordable prices. The development done by the LiveOrbis team at Queppelin provided a huge innovative milestone for all the SMEs who want to achieve a greater level of customer satisfaction through the marketing done by native AR apps. The time of creation and testing for these apps is reduced significantly too with the LiveOrbis app. 

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