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Creating Retail Store on Unreal Engine

Our client wanted to build and launch a Retail Store in the Metaverse so our team decided to use the Unreal Engine Platform to deliver this project.

Every item and category from the client’s physical retail store, including clothing, shoes, groceries, and more, was created in this Virtual Supermarket.

Users could view product information, try on clothing, and even customize many products with just a single tap.

The Outcome

  • A photorealistic virtual experience of the physical store
  • We digitized the client’s whole product line
  • Eliminated the need to keep large inventory


Unreal Engine Development Services: A Gaming Engine that Goes Beyond Gaming

The Unreal Game Engine is a 3D Game Engine first developed by Epic Games in 1998. The Unreal Platform is credited for tons of incredible games, notably the very popular game Fortnite.

Initially, the tool was used to create only game sequels or 3D games. Today, the applications of Unreal have gone beyond game development as its popularity has soared. It has extended to many different businesses that have leveraged the platform as a tool to work seamlessly with a wide variety of technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.

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Why should Businesses use Unreal Engine?


Extraordinary Potential

Anything and everything you visualize can become a reality with Unreal Engine - be it deep sea exploration, historical events recreation, designing training simulations, and so much more.

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New Features & Improvements

The Unreal game engine continuously adds new features and improvements to the tool, resulting in increasingly better experiences with less margin for error.

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Build Projects of any size

Due to its distinctive capabilities, Unreal Engine can be used on any project, regardless of size. The platform makes it easier to create highly compatible games that work well on consoles, desktops, and mobile devices.


Real-time Global Illumination

Global Illumination is bounce lighting, which is the extra light that is created by light rays bouncing off of different surfaces. This has eliminated the need to rebuild the entire environment to bounce light.


Vast Asset Library

MegaScans is a free library of over 16,000 assets readily available in Unreal Engine 5. These assets include 3D objects, material surfaces, modular objects, and so on. All these objects are customizable and photorealistic, meaning they're scanned from real life.

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Leave an Instant Impression

“Is that animated? Looks too real!” Unreal Engine creates realistic simulations by giving you the best quality real-time rendering, ensuring that your visuals are always on point.

When the lines between what is real and what isn't are a blur, people are assured to be fully invested in the experience.

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Why choose Queppelin for Unreal Engine Development

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Game Development from Scratch

Our game experts can add to your team to ensure continuous game product development from the beginning while adhering to the highest standards and most recent gaming trends.

According to the scale of your project, you can choose to scale your team up, or down, by outsourcing work to Queppelin. Our team is built flexible, meaning you can always add or minus people as per the project needs.

Photorealistic Simulation

Our team of experts meticulously curates 2D and 3D games with real-to-life graphics and user-friendly controls for a completely immersive and spectacular gameplay experience.

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End-to-End Support for your product

After the project is finished, we ensure complete support to promptly address any issues and guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. Regular updates and additions will keep users engaged in your game and guarantee a high degree of loyalty.


Measuring Project’s Success

Our team can integrate analytics into your unreal project in order to measure player behavior, engagement time, patterns, and so on.


Make Queppelin your Creativity Outlet Globally

You think and we deliver- that’s our core principle at Queppelin. Businesses can utilize Queppelin’s expertise to turn any idea into a functional project on Unreal Engine. Our team of experts, with their skills and experience of many years, can deliver services of the highest caliber and results that are ideal.

We are proud to provide unreal development services to companies worldwide owing to our expertise and experience of working with Fortune 500 companies & leading startups globally  Our sole aim is to assist you to tap into this virtual world full of business opportunities.

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We're Experts at delivering the Finest Unreal Engine Projects


Create a Game Environment

From designing and prototyping to integrating the components that will get a scene to an alpha state, our team builds a scene from the ground up.

  • Replicating the 3D environment blocking process.
  • Editing a blocked-out scene based on pacing and flow tests.
  • Lighting a scene to produce a realistic atmosphere by following best practices.
  • Using post-processing volumes to change a scene’s ambiance and color grading.
  • Bringing in unique assets to Unreal Engine.


Converting Blueprints to C++

For the best results in Unreal Engine, we leverage the fundamental ideas of Blueprints and C++. The end result will be an AI agent that perceives the environment, thinks about what to do depending on those sensations, and intelligently navigates the environment to achieve a certain goal.

  • When necessary, we build an actor or component.
  • Locate C++ functions and ascertain which Blueprint types correspond to which.
  • Connect user input levels and delegates to C++ functions.
  • For various levels of access for the editor and Blueprint, create Property variables.


Creating Photorealistic Cinematics

To produce a photorealistic experience, we first explore the concepts in any scene we build.

  • We import assets from MegaScans for usage in Unreal Engine.
  • Use lighting actors to create lighting that looks genuine.
  • Create realistic, organic scenes with Unreal Engine features.
  • Use post-processing to give a scene a more authentic vibe.
  • Adjust export and rendering settings to get the highest-quality render feasible.

End-to-End Unreal Development Services

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Our Game Development Process on Unreal Engine


Game Designing

It’s the pre-production phase where we finalize the narrative, game structure, and gameplay rules and document all the details in the Game Development Document (GDD).


Concept Art

On the basis of GDD, the style and look of a game is created. The concept artist also creates turnarounds for characters, enemies, environments, and other in-game objects. It is to facilitate the 3D visualization.


Game Assets Creation

Once the concept art is finalized, 3D & 2D modelers create the required 3D or 2D object on its basis.



Now, after the models are created, they are animated as per the game design. Hence, we can go for Rigged human body animation or inorganic animation as per requirement.


Level Designing

Here, we create the stages of the game. Level designing consists of determining player capabilities, obstacles, game mechanics, and discoverable elements for a positive user experience.


Game Mechanics Creation

Once the levels are ready, we move to game mechanics creation. Game mechanics include the base programming of the game. It establishes the rules governing interactions between gamers and the game.


AI integration

Now, we integrate AI into the game. It's to generate responsive, adaptive, or intelligent behaviors in the non-player characters (NPCs), environmental objects, and others.


Game Optimization

Optimization helps increase the game performance for better gameplay and visual experience. This process ensures that the game works at the same level across a wide range of hardware specs.


Game Testing

In this stage, the testers identify, document, and resolve issues for game quality.



Lastly, the game is published on different platforms. Here the cross-platform capability of Unreal Engine comes into play.

Unity vs Unreal: What you get vs what you miss

*Asset Store – Platform to download mods like textures and props


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