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Meetings are a very important aspect of any organization, and people from very different backgrounds and geographies come together to discuss a similar goal. 

Unlike a physical meeting, a virtual meeting involves people talking over each other and hides the body gestures of people when a large number of faces are present on the screen. Thus, it becomes difficult to manage the remote teams and arises a need for more efficient virtual meetings.

So we developed GatherinVR, a cross-device compatible platform that can run on VR Headsets, Laptops, and Smartphones. A platform that can be very easily integrated and customized according to the business needs.


To design a platform that can help make virtual meeting experiences more interactive and engaging. To achieve this, the application should be able to :

  • Offer a multi-user VR experience
  • Ensure that colleagues can invite people to join the VR meeting
  • Run across various devices so that it brings no extra expenses to the business
  • Offer various functionalities for hosting VR conferences, seminars, product launches, or meetings


The overall experience should be more like a real physical meeting with the flexibility to be able to bridge the gap due to the distance between the people attending the event.


Queppelin identified three dimensions to a virtual meeting:

  • Culture
  • Time
  • Location

All of these three factors contribute to a virtual meeting experience. Queppelin’s ready-to-use VR application — GatherinVR is a one-stop solution to all your VR meeting needs.

It offers the following advantages:

  • It is compatible with various devices like VR Headsets, Laptops, Desktops, or even Smartphones
  • Being a browser-based solution, it does not require the installation of any apps.
  • Businesses can customize the VR experience to suit their own needs and replicate their own office space seminar and meeting rooms in VR.
  • The application is able to handle a large team size too
  • You can simply store your files and other media securely on the cloud and share them during the VR event in real-time.

Queppelin identified that a 3D avatar of a person along with 3D meeting rooms in a virtual meeting can be a suitable starting point. Using this app, hosts can schedule a meeting and send meeting invites to their colleagues.

When the colleagues accept the invite, they will have to log in. If it is their first time on the app.

  • They will be taken to the avatar creation page, where they can customize their avatars.
  • The 3d avatars will be created based on the photo uploaded or taken by the camera. This adds a more realistic touch to them.
  • These avatars will be stored on the server, thereon.

Once the time of the meeting arrives they tap on the launch meeting button to start the meeting broadcast. After the users are in the lobby they can roam anywhere and do certain activities. They can directly go to the meeting room or update their avatars. Users can see the rooms in the lobby and can enter them too. 

Once the meeting has started the users can choose their own seats and make hand and head gestures during the meeting. While in the room, users can voice chat with the other meeting participants and the host can share the presentation to be viewed from the company’s private server safely.


Our VR meeting app was quickly adopted by various businesses during the pandemic. The meetings can be held in a more interactive and engaging manner. The participants, irrespective of their language and other barriers will feel more involved. 

You can easily comprehend people, share files, and host team meetings of any size. This will boost the social morale of the participants and the adoption of technology will enhance the organization’s ability to evolve with the world.

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