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Three.js Services

Three.js is a cross-browser Javascript library that helps us create 3D computer graphics in a web browser.

Our customers can utilize the applications developed by Queppelin to run Augmented Reality applications directly in their browsers. It eliminates the requirement to download the app and then use the same.
Three.js is often confused with WebGL because it sometimes uses WebGL to create Three.js 3D graphics. WebGL is a very low-level AR framework that can only draw lines, points, and triangles. Hence, to do anything worthwhile with WebGL, we need a bit of code, and that is where Three.js comes into the picture.

The three.js is a 3D library that provides all the tools to develop all the complex 3D scenes in the browser, using nothing to buy JavaScript only. The software handles settings such as scenes, lights, shadows, materials, textures, 3d math, and provides HD simulation results.

Queppelin is trying to set up a platform for innovative and advanced applications infused with augmented reality in the online gaming industry, web apps, interactive videos, 3D content, and more.

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Our Three.js Skills and Experience

Queppelin works with the sole purpose of pushing your business forward to the next level. Our team develops 3D web apps with Three.js and provides high definition simulations, which give the most opulent immersive experience.

Our Use cases

Queppelin provides its unique and advanced solutions in various industries that are directly connected to our daily life activities. Some of those fields are as follows:

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Queppelin has the experience of developing complex 3D content or gaming videos for the gaming industry from the last 10 + years. Our developers keep the check on 3D characters. 3D scenes, handle lightings and create unique graphics for the users to have the most realistic gaming experience. 

The Three.js software that we use to develop our web gaming applications helps us provide an excellent solution or services to our customers. Besides the high definition quality, the Queppelin application is all web-based applications for the user’s ease and eliminates the requirement for updating or installing any other platforms for enjoying the features of AR applications.


Our team at Queppelin has some creative ideas for the marketing and business industries to work smoothly and target broad-based customers during this pandemic. As we all know there is a trend of remote working or work from home is brought followed due to the safety measures, companies can brand themselves with AR high technology for reaching their clients with innovative and advanced services. 

Our team can develop creative advertising videos for promoting your brand world-wide. As we already know, the easiest way to engage customers is through creative yet original content. Our AR applications can provide you the impeccable 3D content for your promotion or ad videos, which will grow your business and establish a new image for your brand.

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The education sector has been massively affected during the pandemic period. Teachers are not able to provide the lectures online as effectively as they use to because of the lack of tools. However, Queppelin is developing a web-based application for such issues to resolve. 

We understand the importance of education and its impacts that it will make on future generations. But with our immersive technology applications, education institutions or coaching centres can provide unique and engaging study classes that will assist the teachers in delivering the lectures effectively and engage the student’s attention and help them understand the complex subjects quickly.


Aviation training centres provide augmented reality infused training to their new trainees and pilots, especially in pandemics. The training involves high definition 3D scenes and 3D graphics of the scenarios where pilots are required to showcase their expertise and complete the given tasks. In this process, Queppelin plays an essential role in providing the training centres, aviation academies, airline companies, and training schools with advanced technologies. 

Our team of experts works upon unique ideas and brings them into reality with the help of immersive technology and Three.js tools. The training centres can utilize our all-rounder web applications that are fully functional and provide smooth and high definition 3D simulations, making the complex training process easy and time-saving.

Films and Television – 

In the new era of immersive technology, the film industry needs to infuse itself with augmented reality. As we already know the benefits of high tech, imagine the broad audience that it can reach through augmented reality. Queppelin can provide web-based applications and 3D features for the up-gradation of the animation film industry. The industry can use these applications for High definition 3D scenes, lights, 3D materials, textures, and more.

How do we deliver our Three.js Solutions?

At Queppelin, we focus on providing outstanding and creative 3D content and smooth simulation of 3D graphics for making our users experience impeccable. We work on specific mechanisms and values such as High definition and uncompromised quality, cost-effective services, and unique solutions.

  • At first, the entire process depends on the client’s idea, and as unique and complex as the plan, the more realistic our developers try to make it. Commencing the process with the client’s design, we follow a specific mechanism and values which we swear by.
  • Secondly, we analyze and conceptualizethe idea and recognize the challenges and resources that will be utilized in developing a perfect AR tech-infused product.
  • Third, we as a team commence the developing process keeping all the concerned challengesthat we might face in mind and divide the work as per the expertise among the developers, designers, and simulation artists, which bring the idea into reality.
  • Fourth, we work as per the action plan and make sure to deliver the services and solutions as per the fixed mechanism followed by everybody at Queppelin.
  • Fifth, we focus on providing the client withthe most reliable quality services. We run several tests on the developed product for ensuring its smooth functioning and uncompromised quality.
  • Our advanced AR applications and software come with comprehensive directions and safety rules for the user’s security and safety and proper installation of the applications.
  • Lastly, we finish the work in timeand maintain a connection with our customers for assistance 24/7 and 365 days.

We are developing and broadening a platform of services and solutions. And if you wish to be a part of Queppelin’s tech or you have any queries regarding our unique augmented reality solutions/services or want to hire us for developing an AR web-based app for you, kindly reach us at

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