With the launch of Apples’ ARKit Augmented Reality platform for iOS devices, the target is to make AR-ready devices available to more than 1.5 billion customers worldwide providing the best immersive experience. The launch of ARkit marked the rise of mobile based AR applications.

Queppelin is a ARKit App development company and deploying Augmented Reality Apps using ARKit is a routine task which we do. We also provide remote AR demos on AR Kit for the solutions already developed by our developers.

  • Use your mobile phone to catch Virtual Pokemons (Pokemon Go)
  • Translating texts with your phone after scanning a street sign

Mobile AR allows us to create immersive and incredible apps for our clients. The importance that AR holds for a business is hard to define because it promises a high Return on Investment(ROI) in such a small span of time.

Google also developed an equivalent platform called AR Core. On comparing ARCore and AR Kit, AR Core utilises three features while AR Kit uses two features. The first is for motion tracking, which tracks a mobile phone’s location on the basis of its internal sensors and video, enabling you to pin objects and walk around them. The second feature helps understand the environment the mobile phone is, which utilises its camera to detect flat surfaces. The third feature is light estimation, which helps 3D virtual objects to have accurate shadows, and thus, dwell well with their real-life surroundings. The features of AR Kit are explained subsequently.

Why should you choose Queppelin

The launch of AR Kit in the market made it possible for us to bring the immersive AR experience a step closer to our iOS app customers. Every enterprise should pause and reflect on how AR can be an important integration into their business to boost their revenues. AR can bring immense satisfaction to your customers even before they have purchased your product. It also helps you establish deep relationships with them. Queppelin continues to experiment with the latest technology in AR and AR Kit is one of them. 

Queppelin is an AR Kit iOS App development company that keeps developing highly effective products with AR Kit that stand the test of time and continue to be used by its customers time and again. Our AR Kit apps have brought multifold increase in revenues for our clients and we cannot be happier in developing your next AR Kit solution. 

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Our AR Kit Skills and Experience

Queppelin utilises two features of AR Kit as a ARKit iOS App Development Company. The first feature of ARKit assumes that the mobile phone is a camera in the 3D space so that when a 3D virtual object drops at any point in the virtual space, it’s anchored to that point in the actual 3D space. The second feature which AR Kit uses is to detect flat surfaces on which the 3D visual objects are placed.

AR Kit achieves these features using a concept called Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO). VIO helps the mobile phone camera to track the location of the mobile phone in the 3D space. The tracking takes place by detecting features in the frames of the camera using features contrast between various objects in front of the camera.

Our Use cases

After the launch of AR Kit, Queppelin explored a lot of use cases. Some of which are below:

How do we deliver our AR Kit Solutions?

Queppelin stands upright on specific fundamental values that got imbibed over a couple of years in all our services. The same holds for our virtual reality development services as well. Our primary focus is always to develop client-centric products.

The teams at our AR Labs follow the following protocol while developing solutions for you. It all starts with YOUR IDEA: Whatever your idea, we have the tools to bring it to life! We begin by listing the features you want in Your app, keeping you continuously. This feedback helps our development team to strategize those features. Our flow towards providing a solution for virtual reality development includes:

  • We Conceptualize the Flow: After analyzing your idea, we lay down a timeline while keeping in mind all the challenges. We focus on developing and prioritizing the trickiest parts. So, it is essential to identify such problems.
  • We Strategize and Plan: Having analyzed the challenges, we plan to utilize our resources in the best way possible. This helps us optimize the entire development process in terms of our time and finances.
  • We begin Developing the AR Graphics: After we have the whole plan, our AR.js development team implements an industry-tested approach to ensure timely delivery. After the development of graphics is completed, we consolidate them into an application. We also provide testing the software throughout its development.
  • The app becomes ready to Launch: Once our AR Kit developers develop the app, it goes through a series of tests, including both production and local. In addition to this, we also test the beta application in the market so that the mobile app does not raise unforeseen errors when the actual product launches.
  • We stay in touch: It’s not over with us launching the app in the market. We keep a regular eye on the trends that your app follows so that we can make the required iteration to the mobile gaming app.

Have an AR idea that resonates with people and solves multiple problems at once? Reach out to us at, and we can get your application up and running.

Do you have an idea? We have the tools to make it a reality.

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