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Blockchain App Development Model

Our blockchain developers develop fast, efficient, and secure applications for use cases like micropayments, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, payment reconciliation, and more. For enterprises and startups alike, we build regulatory-compliant solutions with various blockchain-powered features.

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Blockchain for Startups

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Blockchain for Business

Queppelin's Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Technology Consulting

We provide a comprehensive consultation on the technology and help upscale your organization to unprecedented levels. This involves smooth and seamless integration of blockchain technology into the existing systems. This involves choosing the right network type, architecture as well as incorporating a risk mitigation plan.

dApps Development

Decentralised Apps or dApps is a modern form of application that operates autonomously on blockchain technology and are free from interventions. Like the standard computer applications, they offer some specific utility to the user but unlike them, they have zero downtime and no single point of failure.


We help you with various forms of tokenisation services like Security tokens, Utility tokens, assets tokens, etc. Tokenization is the process of denoting tangible and intangible assets with the help of blockchain tokens. They do away with the need to have a third party for successfully executing transactions.

Private Blockchain Networks

Our blockchain development service offers a scalable and secure network platform with minimized downtime. A private blockchain network ensures the smooth operation of an organization by basing it on the tried and tested customised token reward systems. It is managed by one or more network administrators and participants need permission to join.

Decentralised Exchange Development

Decentralised Exchange(DEX) seeks to do away with the shortcoming of traditional centralised exchanges. It involves direct peer-to-peer transactions without involving a broker or any third-party institution. We aim to develop exchanges that are highly reliable, secure and scalable. We ensure liquidity with institutional-grade security and other market-leading feature that makes your DEX stand out from the rest.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the best technological solution to automatize the implementation of a multi-party agreement that involves frequent manual transactions. They ensure operational transparency and at the same time save cost and time. Queppelin offer solutions that cover Smart contract architecture, its design, development and optimization. It can be used as an underlying framework for Digital Exchange and Wallet for complete protection and transparency.

Coin Trading & Market-place

A blockchain-based digital marketplace that offers peer-to-peer trading in transparent, safe and infallible transactions between the sellers and the buyer. It can be used for trading in different tokens whether digital as crypto coins, NFT etc or for tangible assets tokenised to be traded on the blockchain.

Hyperledger Fabric

An open-source, permission-based blockchain framework that aids in tracking your supply chains, finance trading, rewarding the performers, as well as clearing and settlement of finance. Our blockchain development service gets you a fully authorized closed-group blockchain network for better supply chain management through DApp.

Banking Solutions with Blockchain

Our blockchain development services offer you the safest banking solution with blockchain. The immutability, validation and encryption features of the blockchain are put to the best user. We help you automate and safeguard your sensitive banking operations and offer software for a varied range of protocols including Know Your Customer and Anti-money laundering.

Benefits of Blockchain for Business

Security through distribution

The best feature of blockchain is security because of its distributed nature. Thus, unlike other databases where the infiltrators have to just aim at a specific target, here the database is distributed across different nodes on the network and vandalization of a single node will not do any harm to the overall structure.

Transparency in transactions

Transparency is the most important aspect that contributes to business growth and expansion. With Blockchain, all the involved parties would be able to see the transaction from point of its origin to point of termination. This helps in maintaining transparency among parties and, thereby, builds trust and opens new avenues of possibilities.


Blockchain certifies and verifies the identities of the interested parties. This removes double records, reduces rates, and accelerates transactions.

Classification of Blockchain

There are three kinds of blockchain, as public blockchain, consortium blockchain and private blockchain. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two most famous public blockchains.

Public blockchain is permission-less and anyone can participate in the blockchain. Public blockchain is highly decentralized

Consortium blockchain is permissioned and is built by consortia with several organizations. Each organization is one node of the blockchain, if other organizations want to join the consortium blockchain, authorization from consortia is necessary. Consortium blockchain is less decentralized than public blockchain, but with higher throughput and better performance.

Private blockchain is also permissioned and more centralized than consortium blockchain and public blockchain. Private blockchain is controlled by only one organization, which control who can participate, execute a consensus and maintain the shared ledger. Private blockchain is more trusted among participants and performance is much better than consortium blockchain.

Public blockchain Consortium blockchain Private blockchain
Bitcoin, Ethereum
Fabric, Corda, Quorum

An interesting use case for Recruitment Industry

Professional verification process needs a complete overhaul

Traditional method of  verification has failed in the face of increasing workforce and rapidly developing technologies which has lead to

  • Resume frauds which costs US businesses $ 600 Billion annually.
  •  75% HR Manager managers have caught a lie in candidate resume.
  • Inaccurate skillsets with no proof of acquiring or implementing them.


Lack of data about past employee performance trend over a period of time in the same organization. The issue is faced by companies large and small alike.

Problems with current employee verification process

Problems faced by companies

  • Time consuming: Companies realize false information after years of service already provided by the employee.
  • Expensive
  • False verifications
  • No transparency of employee performance trend.


Problem faced by Employees:

  • Information is captured at the end of the tenure. Hence, the very fact that an employee has decided to leave a company could endanger his background check process.

We help build trust using the blockchain ecosystem

Solution Blockchain based Attestation Protocol to verify professional profiles. A Blockchain based on Identity, Experience, Performance, Skills & Qualifications Matrix.

Verichain Private Blockchain Ecosystem

Node 1: Company A

Attests employment, performance of the candidate

Node 2: University

Attests qualification of the candidate

Node 3: Candidate

Attests identity via Aadhar, Civic.

Node 4: Company B

Receives instant verification from validated sources.

Verichain Attestation Protocol

verichain attestation protocol

Advantage of Verichain Protocol on Blockchain

For companies

  • Decentralized data ownership bringing trust in various stakeholders.
  • Hiring platform with in-built verification: Hire best of the talent from other companies as you can see the performance trend of a candidate.
  • Instant verification
  • Free of cost. You pay by giving verification details of your candidates. The more you transact, more you can use the platform.
  • Verifications done right at source verified by the Blockchain. No room for false verifications


For Employees:

  • Companies cannot penalize employees for leaving as the performance/skill verification is done during appraisal and not exit.

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