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Hyperledger Development Services

Queppelin offers Hyperledger application development services that will let businesses to transform their processes making them efficient and transparent. The experts of Queppelin will help you in developing the Blockchain apps using the Hyperledger platform and other development tools.

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What is Hyperledger?

The project ‘Hyperledger’ was started by Linux Foundation in December 2015.

Industry giants like IBM, SAP, Ariba, and Intel have contributed to this project to support the development of distributed ledgers.

Started with few, Hyperledger today includes over 100 members including the industry leaders like Huawei, Fujitsu, Nokia, Samsung, American Express, Well Fargo, JP Morgan, etc.

The hyperledger Blockchain technology can be used for building advanced transactional applications that streamline the business processes.

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Benefits of Hyperledger

Permissioned membership

Hyperledger is a framework for permissioned networks and facilitates permissioned membership. This means the identity of the members and that of those accessing the data is known. Therefore, Hyperledger enables data regulation compliance.

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Scalability & Performance

Hyperledger Fabric is based on a modular architecture which means it separates transaction processing into different phases. This contributes to performance and scalability and reduces the trust levels and verification levels required.

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Private Data Protection

Hyperledger Fabric utilizes the data partitioning technique so that the data is shared with parties on a need-to-know basis. This protects personal data through privacy maintenance of specific elements.

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Plug-in component support

The modular architecture of the Hyperledger Fabric allows the network designers to create and attach their preferred plug-in component to save time and money. Some commonly used components are identity management, consensus, and encryption.

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Our Hyperledger Development Services

Proof of Concept Development (POC)

POC a small but important exercise for testing an assumption of an idea. The purpose behind the development of POC is to verify a theory or a concept and demonstrate its functionality after its development. This is a powerful exercise that lets an innovator visualize the functionality of an innovation.

Private Blockchain Development

Private Blockchain can be referred to as the permissioned blockchain. In this form of blockchain, one or more than one entities have control over the network. The entities participating in it know about it and any other entity would not be able to access it.

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Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset that is designed for work as an exchange medium. Cryptography secures a transaction and controls the creation of additional units along with verifying the transfer of assets. A cryptocurrency offers a number of benefits to a business including: Lower costs Fraud reductions Instant Payments Reduction in trade barriers

Smart Contract Development

A Smart Contract is the virtual contract that is encoded in the blockchain. A smart contract comprises of a set of self-executing tasks. It keeps a track of terms and conditions of an agreement along with the step towards its fulfillment. A smart contract is secured as it cannot be altered by any party including the agreement holders. If any change has to be done in a smart contract then the entire network has to be modified.

Hyperledger & Multichain Development

Multichain is an open platform for blockchain applications. This platform is used for helping users to establish private blockchains that can be used for financial transactions by an organization.

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Wallets Development

A wallet is a set of multiple user identities. The user selects any one of the identities and connects to a channel. There are four major types of wallets: Over 260 businesses are already reaping the benefits of hyperledger enterprise blockchain. With an increasing amount of data, the importance of this technology is also increasing.

Hyperledger is paving a way to the glory of blockchain

Our Hyperledger developers will help you with reliable and scalable hyperledger solutions. The developers will choose the hyperledger blockchain framework depending on your business goals and complexity of transactions. Contact us for the best Hyperledger development services

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