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Augmented reality is an experience where the tech developers enhance and modify the parts of the user’s physical world with computer-generated programs. AR tech is providing itself as a useful feature in different fields in the world. Numerous sectors of the society are infusing itself with augmented reality because it brings the elements of virtual reality in the real world.

Queppelin is creating a platform for apps development services with Wikitude application development technology infused with augmented reality.

Wikitude is a web-based augmented reality (AR) technology which was initially launched for geo-location-based AR apps. However, later the company extended its services and launched the Wikitude SDK.

The Wikitude SDK is one of the most innovative and widely used AR software development kits which enhance the apps with numerous vital features. Wikitude application development technology has recently launched its SLAM feature. Simultaneous localization and mapping feature enhances AR infused apps’ capabilities to recognize scenes and objects effectively and efficiently and run the Instant tracking feature to overlay the digital augmentations at the same time.

Wikitude application development platform provides various services such as

  • It enhances objects, images, and space with unique 2D or 3D content
  • It offers impeccable AR services across multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows, smart glasses.
  • Wikitude with Augmented reality platforms provides a broad framework such as JavaScript, Unity, Xamarin, Native API, and more.

Wikitude application development platform offers the chance to try the free trial watermark version empowered with all the features of the web-based technology. The price of the Wikitude cross-platform augmented reality SDK begins at 1990 Euros.

Wikitude provides prompt tracking features using instant tracking technology, which facilitates the AR infused apps to overlay the digital interactive augmentations on various surfaces, without a marker. The smart feature which gets activated on its own once the user gives the permissions regarding the device. The unique SMART feature switches to Google’s ARCore or Apple’s ARKit. Wikitude’s SLAM feature facilitates the SMART feature, but Instant tracking depends on the device support.

Wikitude has unconventional and advanced features of object recognition, scene recognition, and tracking features for large rooms, objects, or scenes. Wikitude’s SLAM engine facilitates object or scene recognition, enabling the experience of 360° augmented reality in real-time around the real-world spaces and objects defined by you in advance.

The recognition and tracking technology of Wikitude software development kit can recognize multiple images at the same time offline as well as online. Developers can switch seamlessly between augmenting recognized images and geo-located points of interest within the live camera image. Other than these, Wikitude’s software development Kit provides various other features such as location-based services, multiple image targets, extended tracking features, cloud recognition, 3D augmentations, and more.

App Development Service with Wikitude Augmented Reality

Queppelin provides Wikitude application development services based apps infused with augmented reality that revolve around almost every such as :


    • Health sector – Queppelin offers AR infused applications for medical students to learn from 3D AR models and improve their practical knowledge or medical training through 3D simulations of surgery tasks. In contrast, the real surgeries are handled by physicians’ guidance and shared experience working remotely in the present pandemic crisis. With Queppelin’s advanced AR apps, doctors can provide better explanations about diagnosis and treatments for complex diseases through enriched AR content. Also, with unique information scanners, pharma companies provide detailed drug information with side effects and dosage details.
    • Journalism sector – Many newspaper companies and printing press sectors are also infusing itself with AR technology to enhance the reporting styles for useful and quality news. The readers can get more sensory and detailed news with reliable, attached sources. Many companies like Washington post are providing its users with AR enriched news, articles, and stories.
    • Education – Queppelin provides its services to various educational institutions such as colleges and schools. Several schools are eager to upgrade their education methods with immersive technologies. In schools, students are engaging more towards AR infused education systems rather than traditional education styles. Interactive classes using AR 3D models to explain complex subjects and organize various AR techs seminars or AR inspired field trips and more.
    • Fashion industry – Queppelin has launched its AR infused shopping platforms such as Furniture retail platform AR Furniture Retail Platform or shoes Tryon AR Shoe for its users to select the furniture, its size, color, material as per their room’s décor and environment. Queppelin’s AR tech feature makes shopping more fun, and its impeccable simulations provide customers with a better customer interface.
    • Maintenance and repair services – Technicians such as mechanics or plumbers to repair a damaged item just by scanning the structure of the damaged item for taking the corrective measure. The Queppelin built AR apps showcase the information through 3D models or graphics on the location where the required task needs to be performed, with some other necessary details and instructions. Also, tech companies are using AR tech for providing 3D owner’s manuals, safety measures, and set up guides to their customers.
    • Navigations apps – Queppelin develops AR tech-infused apps to showcase the navigations and traffics and hazards details in real-time in the physical world. Queppelin efficient and advanced applications make it easy for the user to operate the navigation app and avoid accidents.
    • Designing and modeling sector – Developers can create detailed 3D simulations with high-definition 3D graphics quality. Queppelin works on a mechanism and provides uncompromised quality and efficient 3D models and graphics with AR tech applications with the help of Wikitude augmented reality software.

Other than the services as mentioned above, Queppelin provides additional services such as travel apps, event management apps, Logistics, sport streaming apps, photo editing apps, art, and design apps and also offers benefits to numerous industries.

Why choose Queppelin’s Augmented Reality Service/solutions?

Our team of skilled developers has experience developing unique apps for various fields such as the fashion industry, education sector, health sector, and the gaming industry with our 3D game. With the Wikitude application development platform, Queppelin provides the most innovative and advanced applications with impeccable skills and distinguishing ideas for your business.

Upgraded tech at attractive costs – At Queppelin, our team works according to the clients’ requirements. We develop augmented reality tech-infused platforms and applications for the user’s smooth and easy work. As we all know, upgraded technology is immensely expensive, and it is necessary to stay updated with the latest and upgraded technology. So, we at Queppelin provide our clients with the best advanced 3D applications at attractive prices.

Wide range of services – Queppelin provides a wide range of services and solutions such as gaming, medical, business, manufacturing, and more at engaging prices. We believe clients’ success is our success and work effectively and efficiently for achieving 3D projects and work on time.

Quality assurance – At Queppelin, we render high-quality assurance to our customers. Our loyal customers swear by our high definition of quality services.
Services worldwide: Queppelin provides it’s advanced and unique tech solutions/services to several regions such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

Queppelin provides various services such as developing AR infused platforms, creating unique 3D content, AR training based apps, and more with unique tech solutions, uncompromised quality, and advanced technology. 

How do we deliver our application development Services with Wikitude SDK?

Queppelin’s expert team focuses on providing unique and innovative features for pushing your business forward. We provide impeccable simulation with uncompromised services for our customers.

Firstly, the process begins with the client’s idea, and we turn it into reality with our tools and the latest technology at hand.

We conceptualize the ideas and identify the challenges which we might face in the developing process keeping in mind the client’s needs and requirements as our priority.

Our expert team makes an Action Plan to work on the client’s needs and requirements for the application to be the exact solution the client wants.

Following the action plan, we categorize the work and divide it into our team of developers, graphic designers, and more as per their

We focus on providing the client with innovative and best quality services. We run several tests on the application before selling it to our customers to ensure and maintain the application’s effectiveness.
Our advanced AR applications and software come with detailed instructions manual and safety measures for the ease of smooth installation of apps and software.

At last, we deliver our work on time and Stay in touch after rendering the services 24/7 and 365 days. Our users may reach us at any time, anywhere, and we are ready to assist.

Queppelin believes our success comes with our client’s success. We are here for you in the times of any queries or any issues regarding immersive technologies. If you like to stay updated with high tech and wish to infuse your company with AR or VR, contact us at