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Turn heads

Add elements and features to the users' faces. Make it a head-turning experience, quite literally.

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Teleport people to places

Conjure users to any place you want.

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Make them groove

Make the users dance to your brand's tune. Use touch gestures that let people manipulate and interact with what they see.

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The world is our stage

With Spark AR, we create a virtual environment around the user wherein they can see the AR objects in their real-world environment.

We create Augmented Reality (AR) Filters for Facebook & Instagram

600 Million

people use Facebook & Instagram AR Filters

1.1 Billion

There are over 1.1 billion mobile AR users worldwide

$50 B

The estimated AR Market value is expected to reach $50 Billion by 2024

As per the latest survey, every month, more than 600 million people use Facebook & Instagram AR filters. The most popular way to search for these filters is through the camera of these app-based social platforms.

It showcases the huge reach that branded AR filters can achieve if placed on these giant social media platforms with the right strategy.

A good app-based AR experience is what makes users engage with brands and this is exactly what Queppelin aims at with its years of experience and range of expertise. We curate advanced, high-quality, stable, and immersive experiences that draw users right into the augmented reality world.

With our expertise in Spark AR development, we help you hit the right notes with the audience and reach as many users of these platforms as possible.

Meta Spark Studio Awards received

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What is Spark AR?

Spark AR is a powerful tool to produce Augmented Reality effects for Meta’s social media platforms i.e., Facebook & Instagram.

It can be used to create different AR experiences like patching, animation, face filter and even interactive AR games. Moreover, these effects can be placed on social media platforms and made to reach a wide-ranging audience.

So, what are AR Filters then?

Have you ever tried an AR effect on Instagram that sticks ears on your head and patches your nose like that of a teddy bear? Or have you ever tried something that adds a spark to your eyes just like Thor?

That is what an AR filter is. They are computer-generated effects that are superimposed on a user’s real-life images captured through the mobile camera.

It adds 2D and 3D elements to photos and videos and makes them more fascinating. In the most simple terms, it is an added virtual layer in the foreground or background of the user’s image.

Engage & Grow Your AR Business

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Higher Reach: Serve Billions

With Spark AR, your AR experience gets a platform to reach billions of users of Facebook(~2.9 billion users) and Instagram(~1 billion users). Thus, the extent of possibilities with Spark AR goes without saying.

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Creative Engagement: Higher Creativity, Higher Engagement

Spark AR enables you to engage the audience in the most creative way. Queppelin gives wings to your creativity to measure the extent of this universe. So, while you do so, we make sure that it turns into a reality.

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Higher predictability: Play safe with Spark

With Spark AR, the experience is provided in a predictable environment of Facebook & Instagram. Thus, it becomes easy to control the quality and stability of the experience and make a better impression on the user.

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Easy to share: Leads To Virality

As this experience is meant for social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram allow users to easily share with hundreds of others in one go. That is why at Queppelin we include the latest attractive feature to make it viral and catch millions of eyes overnight.

Facebook & Instagram Stories that people want to tell

While the Earth is busy revolving around the Sun, our world is revolving around social media. The gravitational force is the silent yet strong urge to portray how we see ourselves and to influence how others should see us. 

The AR feature helps the user fulfill this desire. Users of these platforms use AR filters to share their perception of life and that is why it is the best way to reach millions of  Social media users. People use these filters and share them with those on their friends’ list, resulting in the popularity of that AR filter in the shortest amount of time.

At Queppelin, we converge different modes of communication such as visual, audible, spatial, cognizable, as well as emotional. This ensures that the message is conveyed in the clearest and most effective manner possible.

If it's Augmented Reality, it's Queppelin

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Spark AR

Extending our AR services to prominent social media platforms to a well-established and engaging audience.

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Reach the largest audience with lowest barriers to entry to access experience. Access via mobile browser, No app installation required.

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App AR

Utilizing AR experience on a dedicated application to achieve business objectives

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Snap AR

Capitalizing the Snapchat platform by offering user-engaging AR and reaching a huge audience.

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Orchestrating movements and functions of the 3D models to make them more lively, attractive, and engaging.

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3D Modeling

Three-dimensional designing of virtual objects that can be used across different platforms for various experiences.

Feature Rich
Spark AR Services

3D Objects

Adding a 3D component to the experience can increase the conversion rates by 40%. With our years of experience in 3D modeling, we help you incorporate life-like 3D objects into your experience and up your sales to the greatest extent possible.

Texture & Materials

We add texture to the 3D objects and define the material it is made of. These factors bring the effect closest to reality and make users feel it cognitively than just watching it through their eyes.


In any AR experience, the animation can be a life-breather. It adds to the interactivity and grips the user into it through the maximum number of senses. Moreover, add AR gaming to it and see the magic unfold. Our animation service has earned itself a good name.

Maximize Your Brand Reach With Our Expertise

With our Spark AR development services, we offer a myriad of features that will help your branded AR become the talk of the town.

We make a mesmerizing and attractive experience by adding the realistic effects:

  • Material and Textures Addition
  • Audio assets and effects
  • 3D and 2D dynamic objects

We create a scene, yes, in both senses. Whether it is an actual scene where users can be in the experience or the disruption that follows the popularity of the same experience.

  • Envision and set out a scene 
  • laying out 3D objects in space
  • Adjustable to various mobile devices
  • Positioning, scaling, and angling

We create People effects that respond to the user’s bodily movement. This involves scanning and tracking different body parts and adds effect to the movement.

  • Face, hand, and body tracking
  • Face mesh 
  • Multiple face tracking

This involves the addition of virtual objects to the real-world environment to augment reality. 

  • 360-degree Object placements
  • Plane tracking
  • Target tracking

We include 3D objects with bones and joints, and animate them for a captivating user experience.

  • 3D planes and 3D texts
  • 3D characters and models
  • Shadow effects
  • Vector objects

With colorful, dynamic, and sparkling 2D objects, we make your branded AR a one-of-a-kind sought-after AR experience.

  • 2D Shapes and manipulation
  • Dynamic Fonts and Texts
  • Screen adjustments

Animation is at the heart of a good AR experience. With our creativity and years of experience in animation, we give you an experience that disrupts these social media platforms.

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Texture Animation
  • Procedural Animation

Audio effects add yet another exciting element to the AR experience. We utilize this effect in the most resonating way that makes the user move and groove.

  • Audio effects
  • User sound alteration
  • Audio playback control

Particles are a large number of small objects that embellish your AR experience. If used creatively they can add a lot to the AR experience.

  • Texture and material
  • Scale, position, and rotation
  • Interactivity and logic

Our Spark AR services make sure that the AR experience is smooth and compatible with all the relevant devices and platforms for maximum reach.

  • Desktop compatibility
  • Mobile compatibility
  • VR device compatibility

End-To-End Social Augmented Reality Services

Queppelin offers comprehensive services covering all aspects from imagination to implementation of the AR experience development process.

Assistance in Branding strategies

We offer input on the latest marketing trends in AR and how you can make the best use of it. Thus, we help you achieve branding and marketing objectives through an impactful campaign.

Concept Development and Storyboard

A well-chartered strategy with the help of storyboard and concept development exercises. This offers a clear understanding of the inceptive process ahead to realign the marketing strategies.

Technological Contribution

With our years of experience and expertise, the technological aspect is our forte. Here, we develop the best-in-class, interactive, and engaging AR experiences that matches the strategies and goals.

Implement and Analysis

And the final stage is the deployment of the experience and analysis of the performance. Here, we keep a sharp eye on the performance and its response to fine-tune the strategy.

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Spark AR is a tool to develop AR effects to be used on social media platforms over mobile phones. It allows the creation of effects ranging from simple 2D patching to 3D animation.

Spark AR is used to create AR filters and 3D animation for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Spark AR allows you to use both coded as well as a codeless method for development. You can get your AR effects, including 3D models into the effect by importing files and adding sounds to the effect.

Queppelin has been providing Spark AR development services for 2 years with partners across industries.

AR is the abbreviation of Augmented Reality which means additional reality. When we add extra elements to the existing reality by utilizing virtual tools. The AR filters available on different social media platforms are the most popular examples of augmented reality.

No, in order to use the Spark AR tool, one must have a Facebook account.

Spark AR Studio supports JavaScript to add logic and interactivity to the effects.

Yes, you can add a video to the Spark AR studio. For this, you can use the publish option of the Spark AR studio.

Spark AR is a great tool to create AR effects and make them available to billions of users. The AR effects created are functional, smooth and highly compatible with popular social media platforms.

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