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Queppelin’s Metaverse is a platform for Virtual Meetings and Conferences that can be customized for any business or company.

Be it 

  • virtual conferences,
  • virtual meetings, and
  • virtual seminars

our team has got it handled with our ready-to-use platform GatherinVR. 

Moreover, even if you are able to conduct those gatherings via video conferencing, it does not bring about a corporate aura. This is because a lot of aspects make up a person and not all of them are evident when we video call.

Benefits of using our Metaverse Meetings Platform

Improve your interactivity and Boost your productivity. Our Platform will let you conduct Seminars & Meetings in a Virtual Environment.

The room setup can be completely customised and can even replicate your board rooms or seminar halls. Even the avatars for the users can be specifically designed for them.



Multi-platform Virtual Reality software

A multi-platform virtual reality events software that works without any costly technology.

We have developed such software that can be integrated not only with a Virtual Reality headset but also with your mobile phones or laptops.



Ready to use software 

We have developed it in a way that it is not installation based. What this means is that you do not have to download it before utilizing it.




Our Meeting in VR platform works with 

  •  VR Headsets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops and,
  • Smartphones

Moreover, it is a browser based platform and does not require any app installation by the meeting attendees/guests.



Host a variety of Business Events Virtually

We have come up with a solution that meets all of the needs of our clients.

Not only can you host virtual reality business meetings but also hold seminars, conferences, and other events.



Customized the solution based on requirement

We help you bring your real-life office room, board rooms, and meeting rooms to the virtual world.

To make it more fun, we also offer avatars of your favorite character, or you can bring your personality live to virtuality.


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Virtual reality gives people the feeling to be at another place when, in fact, they are not physically present at that place.

Mixed reality creates an environment where the user can interact with the virtual objects. Instead of residing in a completely virtual world, mixed reality helps the user stay in the real world and gives the advantages of the virtual world.

In AR, the digital elements are added to layer the user’s real-world or enhance it with the virtual effect. 

Mixed reality creates an environment where the user can interact with the virtual objects. So instead of residing in a completely virtual world, mixed reality helps the user stay in the real world and gives the advantages of the virtual world.

Now to answer your question of how these reality techs are different from each other.

VR replaces the original building into virtually simulated graphics whereas Augmented Reality, takes the same instance of building architecture simulating the actual building, to be built in the real.

Finally, in Mixed Reality, the technology helps to hook the virtual objects and make them responsive to/in the real world and provide the appearance of virtual interactions to be authentic to the user.

WebXR (XR stands for Extended Reality) is a set of API standards for web programmers for developing platforms so that the users can have the experience of virtual reality and augmented reality through web browsers directly without having them to download additional plug-ins or software.

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