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Queppelin VR Meeting

Video calls are a great way to connect your teams, but they often lack the requirements of a real-life meeting. This is where Virtual reality meetings become important for teams working remotely or for business meetings. Moreover, lately, COVID-19 has compelled us to adopt remote working more than ever before. We understand that it can be incredibly hard to hold a remote conference, meeting, seminar, or any other such event. 

At Queppelin, we have a vision that the lack of frequent meetings with your teams should not be an obstacle for your business. We have launched GatherinVR which is a platform for VR meetings and VR conferences and can be customized for any business or company. Be it your requirement of virtual conferences, virtual meetings, and virtual seminars — our team has got it handled with our ready-to-use platform GatherinVR.

Our Meeting in VR platform works with VR Headsets, Laptops, Desktops and Smartphones. Moreover, it is a browser based platform and does not require any app installation by the meeting attendees/guests.

Moreover, the room setup can be completely customised and can even replicate your board rooms or seminar halls. Even the avatars for the users can be specifically designed for them.

We strive to deliver the most comfortable and enhanced virtual reality experience for your employees. Our Virtual Reality Software was built iteratively by engaging our clients and their valuable feedback throughout its development. It was born out of the needs of our corporate clients to help their employees cope up with remote working.

It is a ready-made yet hand-tailored solution just for you. Moreover, even if you are able to conduct those gatherings via video conferencing, it does not bring about corporate aura. This is because a lot of aspects make up a person and not all of them are evident when we video call. Virtual Reality Business Meetings overcome these limitations by displaying exactly how and what everybody in the meeting feels.

Also, collaborating and remote working across different time zones is a common feature in the corporate culture. Language barriers, the difference in cultures, and a lot of factors play an essential role when it comes to optimizing such a work environment. This integration can also affect the efficiency of the work and, thus, the revenues. Furthermore, social distancing is becoming the norm. To achieve all these goals in unison, we help you enhance your virtual reality meetings, conferences, or even VR seminar experiences in an incredible way.

Market and technology need to be made possible for holding meetings in virtual reality. We are providing astounding options to hold virtual reality gatherings. Your teams should not miss out on the various happenings within their own team, be it sending emails, text messages, or managing the day-to-day tasks. All this is now possible with our enhanced virtual reality software.

Why use Queppelin’s Virtual Reality software for Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, or other Events?

There are a couple of advantages to using our virtual reality events software. If you have ever heard of the term, chatroom or video call room, you can easily resonate with the VR Rooms, which are basically 3 Dimensional virtual rooms where you can visually comprehend people.

We have come up with a variety of virtual reality rooms and a virtual reality events platform. This development has been an iterative process after a lot of inputs from our blue-chip partner companies. 

The features, along with their advantages, have been listed below:

  • Multi-platform Virtual Reality software:

    Typically, VR software solutions require you to own a Virtual Reality headset. But we are glad to present to our clients, a multi-platform virtual reality events software that works without any costly technology. To further clarify, we have developed such software that can be integrated not only with a Virtual Reality headset but also with your mobile phones or laptops.
    You can host virtual reality business meetings, virtual reality team meetings, virtual reality conferences, and even customize the virtual reality rooms to suit your business workspace. All this at almost no cost and will give your employees a thrilling experience of remote working.

  • Ready to use software:

    We enjoy providing you a hassle-free way of integrating your business with the Virtual Reality Events software. Wonderfully, we have developed it in a way that it is not installation based. What this means is that you do not have to download it before utilizing it. The platform has already been developed and we just need to customize it for you and that can be done in 2-3 days.

  • Host a variety of Business Events Virtually:

    We understand that a holistic corporate culture consists of a variety of events. To bring this experience to the virtual world was the challenging part that our partners described to us. Interestingly, we have been able to accomplish this through our virtual reality events software for virtual reality meetings, virtual reality conferences, or virtual reality seminars. We have come up with a solution that meets all of the needs of our clients. Not only can you host virtual reality business meetings but also hold seminars, conferences, and other events. You can even take your audience to a whole new world where they can visualize what you say live and take them to that world. You can also discuss charts, graphs, and project models using the three-dimensional view.

  • Team size is not the limit for Virtual Reality Events Ecosystem:

    The Virtual Reality solutions for corporates available in the market generally have an upper cap on the number of people who can join the meetings at a time. We have absolutely no such limits. We have built our software and infrastructure to be able to handle sufficiently large teams so that you can continue to deliver what you do best. We have also seen our partners grow their revenues in multitudes while consistently using our software.

  • Customized solutions for all our Clients:

    Queppelin does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution. The solutions are tailor-made and vary from client to client. Therefore, we not only offer our solutions for the companies which already have an infrastructure to host our software but also remain loyal to those clients that are still growing and scaling up. Moreover, we offer a lot of other customizations too. Our clientele is assorted, and so are our solutions. We help you bring your real-life office room, board rooms, and meeting rooms to the virtual world. To make it more fun, we also offer avatars of your favorite character, or you can bring your personality live to virtually.

How can Queppelin help businesses grow?

Integrating your business with our Virtual Reality meeting software can help you increase your revenue. That is just one facade of the entire story. Our affordable solutions in the Virtual Reality space offer you a lot more than that.

  • Enhance the productivity of your employees:

    Our virtual reality business meeting software will enhance the productivity of your employees when it comes to working remotely. This virtual reality meeting software will also help promote collaborations among different time zones. You can see every team member in the room and better analyze their opinions and make better decisions.

  • Improve the quality of online Meetings:

    Our virtual reality meeting software will help you share business insights like charts and graphs in real-time. It will also help you catch up with your team remotely, just like in real life. The added features of being able to choose your avatars to make meetings remotely all the more fun. With the help of our software, you can take your business to virtual reality in no time.

  • Share your media files freely:

    Queppelin’s GatherinVR allows you to upload your media files online and share them with your team in real-time. You can move your files to suit the comfort of everyone attending the meeting and obtain a higher level of attention as compared to a regular meeting held over Video Conferencing.

How can I get one for my Business?

Our software is up and running with a host of corporates and blue-chip companies. One of the main advantages that Queppelin gives its clients is that the software does not have to be built from scratch.

You simply have to communicate your requirements to us. After having analyzed it, we will deliver to you an already running Virtual Reality space software from our suite of rooms or we will customize one for you within days. This will help you make a quick transition from the real world of remote working to your Virtual Office Space. 

To get the software running for your business, contact us at enquiry@queppelintech.com..

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