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Anamorphic Illusion: Creative Solution with Creative Technology

Queppelin designs, produces, and furnishes visually appealing content for 3D Billboards. Combining creativity and technology, we give viewers an amazingly realistic and vivid visual experience.


Reach the Urban population & display ads when the target audience is most likely to see them.


Companies can measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns by utilizing several data points and sensors.


Send retargeted, personalized messages to each consumer who walks past the board.

Shift from Traditional Billboards to 3D Billboards

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Reach out to Urban Population


Half of the world's population lives in towns or cities and this will reach 60% by 2050.

9 in 10

9 in 10 shoppers have seen Out-of-Home advertising in the half hour immediately before shopping.

  • A range of influential and affluent audiences are residing in the expanding urban population and are spending an increasing amount of time away from their homes.

  • Physical advertising that is timely and pertinent can shape consumers’ daily decisions and foster good brand perception.

Let your Billboards do the talking

  • 3D Billboards have the ability to turn your Advertisement into a viral sensation overnight. True-to-life, photorealistic graphics create a very enticing image of your brand. As a result, your brand is able to reach mass audiences, not just through the 3D Billboard but also the word-of-mouth spreading on social media about your advertisement and brand.
  • Since every anamorphic advertisement is created online, our experts can integrate Augmented Reality with the experience so that your billboard can fit in everyone’s pockets at the touch of a button!
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3D Anamorphic Billboards - Blurring the lines between Content, OOH & Experiential

Hyper-realistic 3D OOH allows businesses to break the fourth wall, and blur the lines between Content, OOH, and Experiential like never before. Queppelin has revolutionized this medium by focusing on qualitative solutions. With 3D Billboard Advertising, we focus on developing high-quality immersive content for your OOH advertising campaigns. These spaces are strategically located for advertisers to achieve maximum impact.

Benefits of 3D Billboard Advertising


3D billboards are mostly situated in posh localities. Meaning, an affluent demographic consistently engages with these ads. This enables companies to offer high-quality and engaging ads to urban populations and get the attention of the finest customers.

Create The Wow Factor

Untold numbers of people pass by billboards every day, but in order for them to stop, look, and interact with one, it really needs to stand out. Nothing beats a 3D Billboard with realistic-looking, immersive, and distinctive content. This lends the billboard a "wow" factor that draws the attention of everyone passing by.

Meet Audiences on-the-go

The majority of people in cities are always in motion. They make daily long-distance commutes, and anamorphic ads are a powerful approach to reach this audience on a regular basis. Whether a person is stuck in traffic, walking to a store, or running to catch a subway- going past a 3D Billboards is an assured attention-seeker.

Offer an Enjoyable Moment

A 3D billboard is like one’s short but worthy escape from reality. Commuters who are rushing to do their chores are able to stop for a minute, unwind and engage with the spectacular photo-realistic 3D Ad in front of them. This naturally fosters a connection between the brand and viewer.

Capture & Maintain Attention

Nowadays there’s a growing challenge to connect with your audience, maintain their attention and establish a close relationship. To achieve this and cut through the noise, brands need to be more inventive and engaging than ever before- thus opting for something as unique as 3D Billboards.

Drive Meaningful Conversations

Everyone who interacts with 3D billboards is typically eager to tell others about their experiences, ultimately instilling the brand's name in people's minds.

Mass Coverage to Maximize Value

3D billboards can deliver every penny’s worth to the advertisers by engaging audiences in a whole new and immersive dimension. Anamorphic Ads raise the likelihood of more people walking into the shop, spreading the word about it to others, and ultimately generating a likeliness and loyalty for the company.

An Unrivaled Experience

Anamorphic Ads is the cutting edge of modern advertising. The brands who have successfully showcased 3D Ads have in fact received insane amounts of attention, praise, and brand equity. 3D Billboards are the way to go if you're looking for a solution that is assured to one-up your game over competitors.

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End-to-End Services

Billboards are the oldest form of outdoor advertising. Queppelin has revolutionized this medium by focusing on 3D Anamorphic Displays. We focus on developing high-quality immersive content for your OOH advertising campaigns. These digital screens are strategically located in prime urban areas for advertisers to achieve maximum impact.


3D Modeling and Animation

We have a team of experienced 3D designers to build & animate creative advertising campaigns for your brand.

Our designers sit down and map your mind to render spectacular photorealistic models that go above and beyond your requirements.



We develop jaw-dropping 3D anamorphic videos for 3D billboards. We plan and execute with the sole aim of a spine-chilling user experience.

Our team undertakes everything before and after the project is finished, from building a model to converting it into an Anamorphic Advertisement.



Utilize 3D Billboards as part of your marketing strategy to harness the power of visual storytelling. Our team will create immersive content that tells a compelling story which is assured to attract twice as many audiences as a traditional billboard would.



Our team seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AR and VR with your 3D Content. This uplifts the 3D Billboards into an even better, more exciting, and completely unique piece of marketing content.

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We have 12 years of vast experience enabling immersive technologies for businesses around the globe. We offer comprehensive 3D solutions like 3D Modeling & Animation and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality services. Thereby, we help our clients ensure memorable brand impressions for urban audiences.

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3D billboards are located around the world. They are at some of the premium locations in different countries like the USA, Japan, Singapore, Chile, and South Korea.

3D OOH stands for Out Of Home marketing activation that employs 3D content such as 3D anamorphic advertising.

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