The launch of platforms like ARcore and ARkit made it possible for people or businesses to use AR. Some industries are using it to ease their operations and to enhance safety measures—others to raise employee productivity and operational efficiency. The emotional appeal and visual recognition capabilities of AR applications allow businesses to bring even more added value to their clients. AR is the future of customer engagement. We at Queppelin strive to make it happen for your business. However, to create mind-boggling AR applications, you need the help of Software development Kits, which let you build the AR tech you envision.

As an AR Core Android App Development Company, we introduce you to the capabilities of AR, and how it can be leveraged to underpin your broader strategic and commercial goals. We offer exceptional advantages by providing the quickest, most convenient, and most advanced AR content development solutions that can help address workforce challenges and meet business goals. Get the best Google ARCore App Design & Development Services from one of the top AR Companies in India, Queppelin.

What is ARCore by Google?

  • Before the launch of ARCore, Android-based AR apps were restricted to a limited number of handsets, including the recently launched ZenFone AR. As a response to Apple’s ARKit, Google ARCore is a developer platform for the design and deployment of mind-boggling Augmented reality apps. The apps can be built for and run by a multitude of existing Android-enabled smartphones and tablets.
  • ARCore is an in-house Google cross-platform apps and game development SDK, designed to develop Augmented Reality Apps across Android (7.0+) and iOS platforms. It works on the following brief principles:
  • It uses camera and motion sensors to understand phones’ relative position and visualize the real-world objects around. This creates an understanding of the surroundings, which helps to detect surfaces, relative sizes of objects, and estimates lighting conditions around. Letting the device model the real world hence, allows the developers to place other information that seamlessly integrates with the real world.
ARCore Services

ARCore Elements

  • Google ARCore possesses the following features that help developers and brands to develop new cases and AR apps:
    • ARCore Motion Tracking: Motion Tracking enables ARCore equipped Android devices to determine the device’s relative location using a series of internal sensors and video-based capture. Hence, 3D objects can be pinned to a specific marker or location, and users can walk around the objects.
    • ARCore Environmental Understanding: Environmental understanding, uses the camera to detect flat surfaces in the user’s surrounding real-world environment.
    • ARCore Light Estimation: This key feature of ARCore enables virtual 3D objects to cast real life-like shadows and to uniformly fit in with the surrounding environment in a realistic way.
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Augmented Reality Development Made Easy With ARCore

  • ARCore is a ground-breaking technology that has brought AR’s power to the hands of developers, which was not conceivable a few years ago.
  • One of the more prominent features of ARCore is the integration of APIs with diverse platforms like Unity3D, Java, Android NDK, Unreal Engine, and many others. ARCore is the toolkit for developing for multiple platforms using a single code base. 
  • At Queppelin, our team of experienced and skilled ARCore AR developers is skilled in a multitude of languages like C++, C#, Objective-C++, Java, .NET Frameworks, to name a few. These skill sets form the basis of ARCore app development with Android Studio and Java being the building blocks for developing applications with ARCore.
  • ARCore sees constant development support by Google. It releases regular updates, which expands the accessibility and improves features of ARCore. Like for instance, the recent release of depth API creates depth maps for precision positioning of models

Why should you choose Queppelin

At Queppelin, our team of experienced and skilled ARCore AR developers and designers are fully committed to our client’s requirements. We follow the iterative design paradigm, which improves the experience at every level of production throughout the development of software solutions. Being such an impactful tool, we at Queppelin help guide you in realizing the AR use cases for your business with unique, innovative, and user-friendly applications aiding you in achieving your business goals in a short period.

Our developers build state-of-the-art Augmented Reality solutions with the latest tech stack for a variety of use-cases. So we have something for pretty much all the businesses out there:          

  • E-Learning and Educational Apps
  • Experiential e-commerce and m-commerce Apps
  • UI/UX for customer interaction
  • Augmented Reality Filters 
  • Image recognition based AR apps (described above)
  • AR gaming apps

We also access a business or organization’s processes and provide software solutions and other recommendations based on this assessment. We integrate customized software into an organization’s operations to reduce the workforce and increase efficiency.

Our AR Development services will offer several advantages to its users, such as :

  • Improved Information: Our AR services will provide information to users regarding a product, material, or space in real-time.
  • Simplified Visualizations: Our AR solutions will also make customers visualize the objects in a personalized context giving them the ability to modify their color or size.
  • Unique User Experiences: The AR technology will help customers in making a better decision regarding a purchase. AR also helps in reducing the overall time taken by customers to make the final decision.
  • Brand image: Our AR solutions will help improve the company’s visibility and attract new customers and retain existing ones.

AR can also be utilized to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The customers from the following industries may leverage the benefits of AR services using our solutions.


As an AR Core Android App Development Company, at Queppelin, we provide top-notch services like software consultancy, software development to an array of industries. We can help you, too, by understanding your business and offering effective software solutions.

Here is how our services have helped our clients and shall be of help to your organization:

  • Our services will free up your time which you would otherwise devote by which you gain time to focus on your core business
  • Accelerate your business by improving your efficiency and productivity 
  • The solutions provided by us will reduce cost and control operating expenses
  • Provide solutions that will gain a technological edge over your competitors
  • Happily resolve the everyday issues faced by your organization whenever required

How do we Deliver Solutions

At Queppelin, we believe in specific fundamental values that have been imbibed over a couple of years in our services. This holds for our Google ARCore App Design & Development Services too. Developing client-centric products being one of our primary values. Our team follows the following protocol while developing tools for you: 

  • It all starts with YOUR IDEA: Whatsoever be your idea, with the tools at our disposal, we make sure to bring it to life! We begin by listing the features you want in your app, keeping you in the loop continuously. This feedback helps our Augmented Reality Development service development team to strategize those features.
  • Conceptualizing the App: We focus on developing the best Augmented Reality Development apps in the market. After analyzing your idea, a timeline is laid down while keeping in mind all the challenges. 
  • We Strategize and Plan: After analyzing challenges, we optimize the Augmented Reality service development process in terms of our time and finances by crafting a plan to utilize our resources in the best way possible. 
  • We begin Developing the App: After we have the whole plan, our development team implements an industry-tested approach to ensure timely delivery. Besides, we test the software throughout its development.
  • The app Launch phase: Once our mobile Augmented Reality app has been developed, it goes through a series of tests, including both production and local. To avoid unforeseen errors when the actual product launches, we test the beta application in the market.
  • Stay in touch: We believe in having healthy communication with the client throughout the process, and even after it’s launched. It’s not over when launched. We watch the trends that our app follows so that we can make the required iteration to it.

Do you have an idea? We have the tools to make it a reality.

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