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Queppelin Instagram Filter

Augmented Reality (AR) filters are the new trend in social media marketing. With the rising number of users on social media platforms like Instagram, brands find it the perfect place for marketing their products. The number of Instagram users has risen sharply in the past few years. It is estimated that on an average 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. As a result of this, the need for novel and engaging marketing techniques has become prominent. 

In this context, AR filters have emerged as the leading technology for brand marketing, portraying proven results in raising brand value. More specifically, owing to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram AR masks have seen a massive surge in popularity.

How can Queppelin’s Instagram AR filter help my business?

By creating engaging and fun content, users are attracted to trying out different filters, hence landing its creators in the limelight. Moreover, marketing is exponential as it is accessible to the friends of the person who views and applies it. 

Covid-19 has induced new norms in the society like wearing masks, using hand-sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing becomes compulsory. For example, wearing masks has become an intangible part of people’s life. Many internet users take to social media by posting various pictures and selfies of them with masks. Instagram is flooded with these Instagram masks pictures with people trying out different AR masks made available by different brands across Instagram.

Why use Queppelin’s Instagram AR filters for marketing my brand?

Instagram branding works exponentially. To try out an Instagram mask, one has to visit the page of the company. After the users try out the Instagram AR mask and post it in their story, it is automatically available to all their followers to try it out. In this way, marketing becomes exponential. 

Besides, the current situation across the world has given an impetus to promote the usage of masks. Almost every company out there is making AR filter masks for its followers as a message to stay safe. This usage of Instagram masks is, in turn, helping in the growth of the brand value. 

Augmented Reality, in general, has proved to develop a more reliable connection between the brands and their customers. Customers make the brand a part of their daily lives by making use of the brand’s filters. Hence, helping the brand to become established in its domain as compared to its competitors.

How can Queppelin help create AR masks on Instagram for my business?

There are many reasons how Queppelin Instagram AR filters can help you in your brand marketing:-

  1. Increasing the reach of your company

    Instagram AR filters are in the trend recently. With Instagram AR filters you will be able to raise the awareness of your company by connecting with a larger audience. The Instagram AR filters like AR masks provide a way for the users to explore your company and get to know about it. 
  2. Improving Engagement with your audience

    Having Instagram AR filters help you engage better with your existing audience. By releasing AR face filters your followers get to try it out and post it on their Instagram story thereby further increasing your company’s reach. Your audience becomes your brand ambassadors.
  3. Adapting to changes

    The Instagram AR filters are booming and they will help your company stay ahead of the curve and be innovative as compared to your competitors. 

We at Queppelin can help you create any AR content, including Instagram AR Filters. Queppelin has a specialized team that will come up with the right strategy and the Instagram AR content which will help in marketing your brand.

For example, the ease of creating AR content has facilitated makeup companies to create their content and allowing users to try it out from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, when an AR filter is designed, the brand name is displayed on the Instagram story screen, thus reinforcing its marketing.

Creating AR content is an intimidating task for businesses that require skills like 3D modeling and good knowledge of dealing with the software that is used to create it. We at Queppelin help you with creating a personalized AR Instagram filter for your business. Queppelin can help you to come up with the best AR filter masks that are designed specifically as per your need within a span of minutes. These specially designed AR masks help you better engage with your audience and increase your brand value through Instagram.

Some examples of trending Instagram masks.

  1. Queppelin Instagram Mask – Queppelin has come up with its AR Instagram face mask for promoting the usage of masks. The usage of masks has been in trend in the past couple of months. It displays the message of stay safe and stay home with a motive of encouraging people to stay away from the pandemic. The Queppelin Instagram AR Filter Mask can be seen sported by many of its followers.
Queppelin Mask
  1. Stay Safe masks – These masks can be seen sported by many users. Here, lev.official, who is an Instagram marketing advisor, is seen wearing one of his.
Stay Safe AR Filter
  1. Infinite Laundry – This is a marketing company exclusively focussing on the marketing of linen clothes and uniforms. By advocating the use of masks, they are reaching a broader audience. 
Infinite Laundry AR Filter
  1. Other Instagram Masks– Here is an example of a person wearing an AR mask. One can find many such different masks on Instagram.
Instagram AR Filter Example


The current situation has demanded novel ways of marketing which are effective on social media. The design of Instagram masks is among the most effective and well suited among various choices. It has helped in promoting many businesses out there. With Instagram users increasing daily, the audience help in making it an exponential promotion.

At Queppelin, we help you in creating various Instagram AR face masks for your stories. Also, we can customize the Instagram AR masks specifically suited for your needs, to help in your company’s branding. The decision to have AR Instagram masks for marketing the brand is prudent at this time, and it will help your business reach great heights.

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