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Develop a private, public, and hybrid blockchain application for your business We provide Smart Contract, Hyperledger, Cryptocurrency, Etherium, and wallet development services. Give a new head start to your business with the innovative, secure, transparent and customized Blockchain development solution offered by Queppelin.

Queppelin offers innovative Blockchain application development services that help our clients to achieve business benefits including:

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain applications are one of the many technology solutions offered by us including the AR and VR development services, Progressive web app development services, Hyperledger development services, react native development services and much more.

According to Gartner , Blockchain by the year 2030 will generate a business value worth $ 3.1 trillion!

1. Blockchain is a form of database or a distributed ledger shared across a public or private network. Each of the nodes in this network holds a copy of the record. So there is no chance of failure.

2. Each piece of information in a blockchain is encrypted mathematically encrypted and each time information is added will be added as a new block to the chain of historical records. This prevents fraud and double-spending.

3. Bitcoin is a single example of a blockchain application but there is a number of benefits that businesses are already leveraging using this revolutionary technology.

Look at some real life examples of Blockchain applications

Spotify— A $21 Billion company uses Blockchain technology for developing the solutions using a centralized database that effectively connects the artists and the licensing agreements with the tracks available on the Spotify service.
MedicalChain– is using this technology for facilitating the utilization and storage of electronic health records for delivering the edge cutting telemedicine experience.
Deedcoin – Instead of a 6% commission of real estate, Deedcoin runs just on 1% and hopes for connecting the buyers and sellers with the real estate agents who accept the lower commissions.
IBM Blockchain – A company with a worth of $140 Billion is using this technology for making its supply chain efficient by fostering transparency.

Making your financial system digital

Blockchain development is ready to manage and streamline your business projects related to crypto.

We are expecting to bring automation and digitization in enterprise operations and tokenization of any physical activities along with codification of complex and important contracts.

We offer customized blockchain development services and enterprise-class implementation solutions for blockchain protocols, platforms and permissioned ledgers that include Ripple, Hyperledger, Corda, Bitcoin, Lisk, and Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The one thing that Blockchain does: it offers the mathematical proof of something that happened!

The advantages of blockchain for businesses are numerous, and some stand out more than others. Here’s why your business might want to consider blockchain. Like many other industry giants, you can too transform your business processes, you just have to take a small step of getting in touch with our Blockchain application experts.

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