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Retail Store in Metaverse

We developed a retail store in the metaverse for one of our clients. Users can come into the store in their digital avatar, and explore products of different categories like clothing, footwear, eyewear, and electronics. Customers can also try them out or go through the product configuration as per their choice.

Once satisfied, they just need to select the buying option, and the product will be delivered to their physical address or their avatar can wear them right away in the metaverse.

The Outcome 

  • Brand engagement improved by 30%
  • Sales increased by 22%
  • Product Returns dropped by 25%
  • Brand was able to expanded their audience & attract a younger crowd.
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Retail Industry needs to get into the Metaverse mindset

A great business location in retail is considered the key element to attracting customers. The retail store location is also an important factor for the marketing team to consider while setting their retail marketing strategy.

In comes Metaverse, arguably the greatest location of this decade. Shoppers, particularly those in Gen Z, are spending more time online and exploring the possibilities of the metaverse. The reason why enterprises around the world are vying for land in this digital world.

Queppelin helps businesses globally set up their virtual store in this lucrative virtual location with our retail metaverse development services.

We help you build your virtual retail store in the metaverse with our top-notch metaverse development services. We develop the entire 3D environment, 3D Avatars, and other 3D digital assets required for your retail store to provide a fulfilling user experience.

Metaverse use cases in retail

Why should Retail Businesses enter the Metaverse?

$13T Market

The metaverse market is projected to reach around $8 - $13 Trillion by 2030.

5B+ Users

The users of the Metaverse could grow to 5 billion by 2030.

1B+ visits

Meep City became the first metaverse game to cross the 1 billion mark in terms of player visits

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Improved Business Prospects

Metaverse offers unseen and unheard business opportunities unmatchable by any other platform. These prospects may reach trillions of dollars and are up for grabs for the first movers into it. It helps in making new business connections and reaching a larger audience.

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Improved Business Offerings

Businesses can offer novel products and services, thanks to the physics-defying space of the metaverse. Their product can be both the user in the real world and their avatar in the digital world. The technology helps businesses meet the ever-increasing expectation of the us

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Improved Business Operation

Metaverse will help businesses operate with better efficiency. The shared space will bring employees from different physical locations to a single virtual place. It will help in better sharing of information and deeper collaboration for higher performance.

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Why Queppelin is your best choice for Metaverse development?

Queppelin is one of the top ten Metaverse development companies in the world as per Fortune Business Insights magazine in 2022. We have been working on metaverse-enabling technologies since 2017 and have delivered a wide range of projects involving Fortune 500 companies as well as budding start-ups.

Our list of clients includes Unilever, Emirates NBD, Pulse Advertising, and Tanishq. We are honored to be a part of Unilever Tech Foundry and to showcase our Web3 projects on Burj Khalifa and Times Square.

Metaverse Development

With our global leading metaverse development expertise, you can launch your business in the metaverse. Our development team possesses working experience for every layer of the Metaverse. 

Be it enabling technologies like Web3, blockchain, Artificial intelligence, or user-facing technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality, or 3D modeling, Queppelin has an end-to-end solution for your Metaverse.

  • Metaverse Infrastructure Development
  • Interactive Environment & Functionality
  • Asset Creation
  • Marketing & Branding Endeavors
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Enterprise Blockchain Development

Build new-age gaming with our VR Game Development Services for a completely captivating gaming experience. Games that users can be in and live their imaginations.

  • Custom VR Game Software Development
  • Game Optimization for all VR devices
  • VR Game Assets & Environment Development
  • VR Game Art & Designing

Game Development

Passion is the most vital element for game development, and Queppelin’s game development team has no dearth of it. Be it 2D, 3D, AR, or VR, our game development team brings you a highly-optimized product with catching visuals tagged along with complex game logic.

  • Unreal Engine Development
  • Unity Development
  • AR/VR Game Development
  • 2D and 3D Asset Development
  • Cross-platform Optimization
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End-to-End Metaverse Development Services

Queppelin is amongst the first movers into the metaverse. With our expertise and experience of working with Fortune 500 companies & leading startups globally, we are pleased to offer our metaverse development service to Retailers Globally. Our sole aim is to assist you to tap into this virtual world full of business opportunities.

Build your retail metaverse like the Flipverse of (Walmart's)Flipkart

Queppelin has worked on a range of metaverse projects. We have developed office space in metaverse for our clients, built engaging metaverse games, created entertainment centers and conducted events in the metaverse.

Now, we are bringing our Metaverse Development Expertise to Retail Industry for Enterprises. With our retail metaverse development services, you get your metaverse store packed with all the exciting features. We build a complete solution from customer entrance to your store to POS and their exit.

  • Virtual Store Development 
  • 3D Product Placements 
  • Product Displays
  • Demonstrations
  • Avatars, Skins, Clothing 
  • Store Interior Design & Development
  • Digital Wallet Integration, 
  • Product Animations

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Retailers can set up their stores in the Metaverse capitalizing on the audience-attracting potential of the virtual world. Metaverse in retail will be the perfect location to reach out to a global audience as well as make new business connections. Moreover, it can add a great deal to the marketing efforts by giving more room for creativity. Hence, very high chances of better business prospects in the future.

Metaverse for retail means opening a virtual store where users can

  • Enter with their avatar
  • Explore different product categories
  • Try out wearable products
  • Go through the product configuration
  • Know about new offers and discounts
  • Engage with the brand in a completely novel and creative way
  • Purchase the product which gets delivered to their real-world address


Thus, Metaverse will allow retailers to offer a better user experience and augment their marketing and branding efforts.

The best way is to let the expert plan your entry into this virtual world of opportunities. Queppelin with its experienced team can help you develop your metaverse business in a time-bound manner.

Retail was one of the fastest sectors to transition from offline to online. Metaverse is the next version of online shopping with enhanced user engagement than ever imagined. It will help retail businesses offer high-quality services and develop a deeper connection with their audience.
Metaverse in retail will help in

  • Connect to new people through better experience offerings, 
  • Reach out to the wider audience
  • augmenting marketing and branding 
  • Better business cooperation and collaboration
  • Improving overall business functioning
  • Availing a great location to operate the business

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