10 must have user testing tools

 With the huge revolution in the world of digital media having an online business increases the chances for you to reach your potential customers. But is just having a website enough? No, it is definitely not as you need to continuously follow some steps in order to increase the performance of your website.

If you follow the steps to increase the performance of your website then your website traffic will increase and so will your sales. You should never consider your website as stagnant but think of it as a continuous work in progress.

You need to evolve the designs on your website and make them fit as per the needs of the users’ overtime. And to make this happen the process requires continuous user testing, optimization, adjustments and iterations. So in order


CrazyEgg is a heat mapping software with the help of which you can determine how visitors interact with the website. This tool enables you to track multiple domains under one account and also get insights about your websites performance using four different intelligence tools.

  • Heat Map – It shows you the areas on your website where people are clicking and which area is leading to conversions and which is not.
  • Scroll Map – It helps you see how far the users are scrolling so that you can optimize the content above the fold.
  • Overlay – This helps you see the number of clicks that the different elements on your page are receiving.
  • Confetti – Confetti distinguishes clicks from different referral sources, search terms and more to help you determine where you should be focussing your efforts.

Pricing: This tool has four different packages, the price for which varies from $9 to $99 per month.


With Loop11, you can create a new usability test by entering a few simple details. Once the test is created you can even customize your test template, assign tasks and objectives, and ask usability questions like – how do you like this website or which features do you like the most on this website? Once people participate in the test and you get the results, you can use it to make changes on your website.

Pricing: Loop11 offers three pricing packages, $158 per month, $410 per month or $825 per month. You also have the option to pay as you go and that starts at $350 per month.


Mouseflow allows you to track the users’ activity on your website and thus with the help of patterns and trends, record the visitors experience. You can analyse the activity of the visitors by watching session recordings, viewing data from heat maps, creating a conversion funnel for your check-out process and many other features. All these features help you track engagement, figure out where users are bouncing, and improve your conversion rates. With access to all these insights, you can optimize your website based on user behaviour to create more meaningful interactions.

Pricing: This tool offers four different packages ranging from $19 per month to $399 per month.


When a user visits your website they are able to determine within minutes what they want is present on your web page or not. This makes it extremely important to place the website content in such a manner that it speaks to the right audience in the correct manner. So instead of playing the guess game in placing the content, the Attensee Software mimics eye tracking to generate data that helps you understand which content is attracting and holding the attention of the visitor.

Pricing: $49 per month.


HotJar is an all-in-one analytics and feedback software that helps you identify the areas of improvement, using a number of tools namely –

  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor recordings
  • Conversion funnels
  • Form analytics
  • Feedback polls
  • Surveys
  • User tests

With the insights obtained from these tools, you can improve the usability of user navigation, remove ignored content, identify confusing area etc.

Pricing: HotJar offers different packages that range from free to $89 per month.

The user is drunk

The user is drunk tool is developer by a UX professional and developer – Richard Littauer. It provides one with an alternative view of the traditional user test. This tool works on the principle that – your website should be so simple that even a drunk person can use it. Littauer sends each website owner a document that outlines the problems on the website and a screencast of him reviewing the website.

Pricing: $250 per website

The user is my mom

The user is my mom is again organized by The user is drunk’s Richard Littauer and entrepreneur Scotty Allen. Each website is reviewed by Allen’s mom. Sounds funny, right? But the logic behind it is totally awesome. The review of a particular website is designed to uncover barriers and distractions that well-seasoned web users are often blind to. The aim behind this particular tool is that you should always design a website keeping your mother in mind, if she can’t understand your website then others are going to struggle with it as well.

Pricing: $100 per website


Morae is one of the leading usability Software tool present out there in the market. It comes with many features that can enable you to collect data and use it to optimize your website.

  • Recorder – It captures audio, video, on-screen activity and keyboard or mouse input.
  • Observer – It allows you to view your website’s engagement in real-time.
  • Manager – it helps you view your test results by calculating metrics, generating graphs and creating highlight videos.

Pricing: This software is priced at $1995


Userfeel is an online usability testing service that allows you to understand how users are responding to your website or a particular landing page. A key feature of this platform is multilingual network of testers, which will be useful for those with global clients.

Pricing: Each online test is priced at $39.


Peek allows you to get a peek in the minds of your users. This is a fast and free tool that is just perfect for business owners who are looking for a quick turnaround. You just need to give your website URL, name, number and email address as input and you’ll receive a five minute video featuring tips and data on how you can improve the usability of your website.

Pricing: While Peek offers an entirely free version, you can upgrade for more features at $49 per video.

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