App Indexing and Deep Linking – Lifelines of a successful Mobile Application

With the users spending more time on a mobile App than mobile web browsing, it becomes absolutely necessary for any business to develop an App and encourage its download by providing the user with relevant and rich content. Both Google and Apple are making efforts to surface the content of an App in the search results because people are now not only consuming the content on the App but also buying through it.

There has been a significant drift in the number of users who prefer to buy a particular product or service through a mobile App rather than the website. This trend has also encouraged many companies to market and sell their products by following an App-only Approach.

Moreover, the links to your App surfacing in the search engine results also gives visibility to your brand and encourages more downloads of the App. So now the question which rises is that how does a business which has an App outshine its competition and show up in the search results of a browser when the user enters particular keywords? The answer to this is – through App Indexing and deep linking.

Understanding App Indexing

Google App Indexing is a system which allows people to click from the listings in Google’s search results directly to the Apps installed on their Android or iOS smartphones/tablets. It also plays a key role in the ranking of your App in the search results despite the fact that the user has installed it or not.

Benefits of App Indexing

 When a user searches for particular keywords then in an Android device Google displays the results from Apps which the user has not installed. This gives a chance to the user to go ahead and install those particular Apps and view the information which they entail. This process is known as deferred deep linking. However, if the user has installed your App then the search results will show results from your App. This includes things like the icon of the App and other information from inside of the mobile App.

In Apple devices however the App is ranked in the search results of only those users who have installed it. So in iOS devices the main motive of App indexing is to provide the user with a better experience rather than promotion of new Applications. Apple is resorting to different means when it comes to App Indexing for example by introducing Spotlight search in iOS 9. With this the users can search for web and App content inside the spotlight search itself as Apps are integrated into it.

Understanding deep linking

Mobile Deep linking can be defined as the process to link to a specific page or function inside a mobile App which a person has installed. For example – Clicking on the link of a particular story on a browser would take you to the specific page in the App which is already installed on your mobile rather than a web page. This whole process provides an enhanced experience to mobile/tablet users as they are being redirected to a known environment which they are familiar with. Deep linking serves the purpose of bridging the gap in between web and mobile App by providing a seamless experience from the web to the native App. Apart from this deep linking helps increase the app relevancy and sales.

With people spending more time on mobile Apps, businesses are looking for a way to push the users to download their App. The best solution which addresses this concern is the process of deep linking taking into consideration that Google has introduced deep linking with App indexing and Apple with spotlight search. This power packed solution not only engages the existing users of your App but also encourages more downloads.

After all this discussion it is needless to say that App deep linking is a necessary requirement for the development of a successful App. In fact with its increasing importance many organizations like Branch have come up to provide solutions to the users. The company caters to both Android and iOS users and pushes them to the deep linked App if it is already installed otherwise it takes them to the respective App store to facilitate the download of the Application.

To conclude, App Indexing is extremely important in order to ensure that people discover your App and stay engaged. As people use Apps more often not only for consuming content but also for buying products and services, deep linking will continue to grow exponentially.  Hence, as both Google and Apple are floating more App based content, it becomes extremely important for you to ensure that your App is properly indexed for the successful growth and development of your business.

At Queppelin, we take care of your complete  app development strategy that takes into account all these factors.  Consult us for a comprehensive analysis of your requirements.

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