Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram

Social Media Marketing continues to be one of the best ways to put your brand out there. The number of Instagram users is growing daily.

Moreover, it is the third-largest social media platform in terms of users with 2 billion monthly active users.

Advertising your brand on Instagram has never been easier with the Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram for your brand stories and its highlights.

Recently, Facebook partnered with Spark AR to launch a platform wherein businesses can make brand-centric ar filters for stories. As about 80 percent of users follow at least one business brand on Instagram, you can increasingly enhance Instagram stories’ effect using the AR filters. 

You might argue that there were photo filters earlier too. We agree with that.

The difference between the AR filters now and the filters that were there originally is very subtle and yet significant. The AR filters for Instagram actually overlay animated objects into your realtime reality while the old Instagram stories effects only helped you improve the quality of your story without adding content.

In a nutshell, the old Instagram filters did not augment your reality. 

How can AR filters for Instagram help my business GROW?

The business stories that users view on Instagram contribute around one-third of the total stories. Thus there is an excellent potential for you to grow your business, especially using the ar filters.

Still, the Instagram AR Filters have not yet been explored by the businesses as this feature is substantially new in the world of marketing. There are, however, unique funnels that these AR Filters on Instagram can help redirect your customers too.

Instagram is not a static channel to grow your business on. You cannot merely put content and then imagine it to grow on its own. People want fresh content.

Moreover, according to research, video posts supposedly perform far better than image posts.

Thus, the major brands have already evolved their video posting strategy to stay updated. Above all, businesses can now create viral ar filters to engage their audience and reach their required outreach.

Augmented Reality can help develop a more intimate connection between a brand and its customers. When customers use the AR filters for Instagram Stories, the brand then becomes a part of their daily lives.

It is then how the brand gets established. For instance, IKEA used Augmented Reality for its Brand Awareness campaign that helped customers try on various furniture from the comfort of their homes.

Various brands have been experimenting with the technology since then. With the launch of the Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram, this will achieve all new heights.

How can I create AR filters for Instagram for my business?

Until Facebook launched this technology with Spark AR, businesses had no more natural way to explore it without investing heavily in it. This software helps both businesses and creators to create Instagram filters for stories.

Moreover, some brands like makeup brands also use the AR Face Filters to help their customers try their products. Also, whenever somebody uses your Augmented Reality filter, then the name of your brand appears at the top of the screen.

This, in turn, helps boost your brand power. Your audience becomes your brand ambassador, and your growth is exponential.

Now businesses can create custom AR filters for Instagram Stories Effects without having the infrastructure to do so.

Moreover, you require no additional hardware to create yours. Spark AR Studio is a software that can be used to achieve this task. It helps to create AR filters for Instagram stories effects, Facebook Stories, Messenger, and Portal.

Although there is no additional hardware requirement, we recommend having introductory knowledge of 3D modeling. Additionally, you must also know how to navigate the software itself.

We, at Queppelin, can help you come up with the best AR filters that will help you engage your audience.

How Can I engage my Audience using the AR Filter Effects?

The most crucial factor to consider before you lookout to create AR filters for your stories is to identify your target audience. Many business owners and marketers think that because everybody is making AR filters for Stories, they should do the same.

On the contrary, not the same strategy works for every brand. Moreover, once you have put an Augmented Reality Filter on your Instagram account, you need to market it well on other platforms too.

You should consider a multi-funnel strategy to launch your AR filters. For instance, you can make video posts while using your cool Instagram AR filter and kickstart your marketing campaign.

Above all, the static observers of your stories and posts become active participants using your Instagram AR filters. This, in turn, empowers your audience to spread your message.

The customers need to visit your Instagram, and they can access the filters there. In the New Year of 2020, there was a rise in the use of two filters called “2020 Predictions” and “What Disney Character are You?”. They saw an increase of 93k and 620k in the number of followers. 

There are some questions that you need to answer before setting out to create Instagram ar filters. These have been described below:

What is the Objective that you want to achieve?

The need for different goals is different for different businesses. You need to make a decision yourself whether your goal is to create conversions, engagement, or awareness.

This can go a long way as measuring your ROI can prove directly proportional to the design of your filter.

Who is your target Audience?

 The AR filters for Instagram stories highly vary with the target audience. This will help you to capture the value that you want to put out there.

Hence, you can do that with the help of these filters. Also, if you are reaching out to new customers, then will you be doing it with the help of your existing followers.

As your current customers can help share your filters to their connections as well. To help build a persona of your target audience, you should be able to answer this question.

What’s the Call To Action associated with your Instagram Filter?

You need to determine whether your AR filter is accomplishing the objective of your business.

Also, whether you need to have an evergreen filter or a more event-oriented filter, before investing in creating your Instagram AR filters, you should have a look at the filters already existing on Instagram.

You can try hashtags like  #instagramfilters #sparkar #sparkarcreators #queppelin.

How are you going to promote your Instagram AR Filters?

The best and the easiest way to promote your AR Instagram filters is to do it using your stories and highlights. You can choose other inorganic methods such as influencer marketing or ad spend.

All of the above answer fundamental questions about choosing the best AR filters for your business.

Some Use Cases

  1. Coca Cola Poland has used the AR filter to overlay its brand’s mascot, a polar bear on top of the real world
Instagram Filter
  1. Inès Longevial is a French artist and illustrator. She uses the “Flower Mask” below to show her creativity. She boasts of around 300k followers.
Instagram Filter
  1. Ray-Ban launched a reindeer ar filter so that the customers could try on a cool pair of sunglasses before purchasing.
Instagram Filter
  1. Kylie Jenner’s AR face filter helps you to try on various lipsticks from the range of Kylie Cosmetics Line. You can use your camera from Instagram stories and decide which shade of lipstick to purchase before actually purchasing the same. This saves a lot in terms of time and logistics. As the customer does not have to worry about returning or exchanging the items.
Kylie Filters
  1. Gucci Beauty has created another Instagram Filter that detects your face in the camera and suddenly you have a big pound of hair and possibly develop a mustache or a beard. It has launched two filters for now. So, you can choose which one to use. You can also try on the various Gucci Accessories. The featured image above shows the same. 

There are lots of brands creating their brand awareness using the Instagram AR Filters. This is already increasing every day as more and more people join Instagram, and more and more businesses go online.

At Queppelin, we can help you onboard various Instagram ar filters for your stories as well as AR face filters.

The ar filters will help you remain at the top of the noise and unleash the true potential of your business with an exponential outreach.

Moreover, we can help you do that as analyticsindiamag has written rightly here.

Reach out to us at for further enquiries.

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