Effective ways to turn your website traffic into Mobile App users

During the times when the concept of websites for having an online presence was becoming popular, many business owners thought that having a website wasn’t necessary to sustain their business. Today we stand at a point where online presence is absolutely necessary to create brand awareness and to reach mass audiences.

So don’t you readers think that the same might be the case with Mobile Apps?

In a time where smartphones are so popular and with mobile searches overtaking desktop searches it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile app for your business. But just having a mobile app for your business is not the end of the game because a user will not come searching for you in the app store until and unless you drive him thereby following certain tactics.

Though mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches one should not forget that still, a large percentage of searches come from desktops. Hence, one cannot simply ignore this desktop traffic and move towards the future but what one can do is to gather this traffic and drive it along with you towards the future which of course is a mobile app.

Also, one cannot ignore the mobile website traffic and should have a mobile-friendly website with the app’s download link. Having a responsive web design of the mobile site with appropriate links will direct the user to the mobile app in the relevant store easily. Taking all these points into consideration today we discuss four possible ways by which you can turn your website traffic into your mobile app users.

Introduce your App’s link on the website

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In order to make website App conversion possible, it is extremely necessary for you to ensure that the website user has a way to download your App. You also need to keep in mind that the process of App downloading is as simple as possible in order to have more conversions.

A user will not necessarily manually search for you on his mobile after seeing your website hence you need to have a clear step-by-step process listed to direct him to your app in the store. One method is to have the default app store buttons provided by Apple, Google and Microsoft listed on your website. Another effective way to do this is to have the Text me the App link notification displayed on the website.

Once a user has browsed your website for a certain amount of time you can display a web push notification on the screen to give him an option to download your app. This is quite a simple method for web to app conversions as the user directly receives the link on his mobile. One thing which you need to keep in mind is to keep make the user’s experience as smooth as possible. For example, you can add Metadata to the link which you send to the mobile in order to detect and to straightaway open the relevant store as per the operating system of the mobile device.

Track the clicks and installs for every link

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If you are confused and have decided to introduce both, the Text me the App link and the default app store links on your website then you need to track the clicks and installs in order to determine what works best for you. You can track which clicks led to the most number of installations. This process will help you analyze the performance of the different links and take the right decision for your business. However, after deciding what works best for you we would recommend you to have a single link instead of multiple links in order to make the process and the user experience smooth.

Make the experience seamless

Pic credits: gettingmoreawesome.com
Pic credits: gettingmoreawesome.com

An effective way to convert your website traffic to your app users is to make the experience seamless wherever possible. So instead of introducing multiple links on your webpage keep a single call to action button. The introduction of many links may at many times confuse the potential user and he might even abandon the whole process of downloading the app hence try to make the process simple and have a visible call to action button which will direct the user to the relevant app store be it through your desktop site or your mobile site.

Personalize the in-app onboarding experience

Another thing which you can do to grab the attention of the user and to personalize his in-app onboarding experience is to introduce the splash screen of download the app when he is browsing through a particular section of your website and once he clicks on the link then you can take him to the same content in the app which he showed interest in. If you have music and video content then you can take the user to the same point in the music or video in the app. Once you have the user on board then you can also concentrate on App Store Optimization (ASO) for organic traffic.

In order to drive all this traffic to the future of running a business that is a mobile app, it goes without saying that having an app is extremely important. So if you still don’t have one for your business then this is the right time to get one. Contact Queppelin with your requirements and we promise to build you an amazing mobile app to run your business successfully.

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