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Java technologies do not have any competitors when it comes to developing server applications on various hardware platforms. This comparison is based on scalability, level of standardization and effectiveness. The technology is preferable for mobile application development and is a key pillar of the Android operating system. Though Android is built on the Linux kernel that is largely written in C, the Android SDK uses Java language as the basis for all Android-based applications. So, its familiarity is required for application development on the Android platform.
Android doesn’t provide the full Java SE standard library but Android SDK includes an independent implementation of a large subset of it.

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Java is a general-purpose programming language and has a number of useful features needed for app development. The most important one is that developers need to write Java code just once and they can run it on all platforms that support Java, without the need for recompilation.

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Tinggal (Indonesia) Have extensively worked along with Oracle (Israel) when they were creating LWUIT suit for JavaME. To know more how you can improve your business performance with JAVA

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Queppelin, Java Application Development Company, created and managed by the group of serial entrepreneurs, who are the alumni of Lehman Brothers and Halifax Bank of Scotland, come from varied field of tech, internet, telecom & healthcare and are bringing in new ideas in respective fields to what people actually need.

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