Social & Emotional Impact of Augmented & Virtual Reality


Smita & Sanjay were sitting on their balcony quietly sipping the tea on the eve of Diwali. Smita was continuously looking at the family in front of their house, bursting crackers, lighting up the diyas and taking the family pictures.

The sense of being apart from their children on Diwali eve was reflecting on their faces. The couple has a son, living abroad with family. The couple said, “a festival without our kids is not a festival; it is just a normal day.” We will have our dinner and go to sleep. Anxiously, I asked, “Aunty why don’t you give a video call to your son and connect for the celebration?” A mere video call is not enough to bring us closer with our kids, she said.

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Augmented reality and Virtual reality applications as enterprise solutions have already marked their presence across the industries including healthcare, real estate, farming, interior designing, etc. There is yet a huge scope around these technologies. The enhanced reality with AR and VR in the future will have a positive impact on the emotions of people as well.

Let’s find out how?

Do you have an idea that how many people leave India and settle abroad every year?

According to the India Spend Analysis, over 17 million Indians left abroad in 2017.  The movement of millions of families from India to other countries is leading to an issue of Silo’ed society. The relationships in such a situation are being significantly affected. The social media conversations and video calls do bridge a little difference between the families. But are these technologies enough to eliminate ‘isolations’ within families’ living apart?

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The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has already made huge differences in the processes across the industries. By 2030, these technologies will redefine how relationships are cherished. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality cannot fulfill the physical presence of the family members living apart but can give a feeling of their presence as real as possible.

Celebrating festivals in 2030 with immersive technologies

Same like Smita & Sanjay there are millions of couples that celebrate the festivals and occasions alone thinking of their children who are living apart. AR and VR are disruptive technologies that have the potential to bring families closer to the digital world.

Imagine two families, one living in San Diego, California and one in Mumbai, India. The families will celebrate their festivals and occasions in a virtual world. The family members will interact with others and experience the festivals as if they are present in the same room. The new integrated technology platform will take the immersive experience to the next level. The next level of experience will allow the families living apart design their seating arrangement for a same-room interaction experience. The families using these technologies will celebrate rituals, cut the cake and have the meals together and burst crackers together!

vr in social emotional

Is it hard to imagine a virtual world described above? Maybe, but someone who knows the potential of these technologies can imagine the above scenario easily. AR and VR are the new horizons of the human experience. The opportunities with AR and VR are only getting bigger passing years. In 2016, it was already depicted by Deloitte that the immersive technology market will as high as $1bn (£710m). Goldman Sachs also forecasted that by the year 2025 this market could be worth $80bn (£56.8bn).

emotional virtual reality

Movies, books, articles, and reports have already made several bold predictions about these technologies. These technologies are making accelerated progress right in front of our eyes. The investments in XR technologies are improving the speed and quality of training, reducing the cost of business processes along with improving the efficiency to the next level.

What will be the difference in AR and VR experience by the year 2030?

A truly immersive experience by the year 2030 will rely on three important pillars that will simulate the human senses.

  • The visuals in future immersive technologies will be highly vibrant differentiating it from the real world.
  • The sounds will be as accurate and real as if the participants are sitting right in front of you and parallel to real life. 
  • The interactions between the two parties will make the participants forget that there is an interface between them.

With the advancements in immersive technologies, I truly believe that festivals and occasions need not be celebrated away from the families by 2030. The next generation of technologies soon will bridge the distances and give an experience of real-life situations. Families would be sitting next to each other having a conversation and celebrating the big and small occasions together.  The 5 G network speed will ensure that there are no interruptions and live body language and head movements will be accurate.


Major Breakthroughs in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Several advancements are yet to be made in the area of immersive technologies. These advancements will improve the virtual human experience to the next level. Some of them are listed below:

Mirror world in virtual Reality

The term Mirror World was popularized by David Gelernter, a computer scientist.  These are the alternative dimensions of the reality that cover the physical space. With the Mirror worlds in AR and VR, one will find a calm lake in office and pencils as the magic wands in classrooms!

Ultra-fast 8G and 10 G networks

The 5G network is improving human communication significantly but still, several communication aspects are missing. The future 8G and 10G AR and VR devices will be capable of giving insights to even the emotions and desires of the users!

The idea of using the immersive AR and Virtual Reality technologies for bridging the differences between the families living apart seems to be strong. The advancements in these technologies will ensure that none of the special and memorable occasions are missed by the families living away from their homes.

With AR and VR the geographical differences between families will not only reduce but may fade away completely!

It would be really exciting to see how these technologies will slowly but steadily enrich our lives even at a personal level.

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