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Android Studio App Development Services

Android is an operating system for mobiles and it is based on Linux kernel. It is primarily designed for smartphones and tablets.

Android has the largest installed base of Operating Systems, and is dominant in the smartphone and tablet market. At Queppelin we develop mobile applications based on Android operating system.

Android offers a unified approach to application development for mobile devices. This means that developers only need to develop for Android, and their applications shall be able to run on the several devices that are powered by Android. It is an open-source OS, which means that its source code is available to the developers for free.

The Android platform development is done with the help of Android studio which is the integrated development environment for this Operating System. It is free of cost and you can download it on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Java is the language used for developing Android apps.

Advantages and features of Android

Google Playstore

Google’s playstore is the marketplace for Android applications. From here you can download the different Android Apps and most of them are available free of cost.

Near field communication

Near field communication is the most attractive feature in Android. NFC is a wireless technology like Bluetooth and it allows smart devices to communicate and connect with other devices that have the same NFC technology. With Near Field Communication, two devices that are placed at a distance of few centimetres from each other are able to exchange data, photos and files. For NFC to function, both the devices should carry a near field communication chip. This technology is also used for making mobile payments.

Voice command

With Android you can give voice commands to the device. For example – search some app with voice, run an app with voice command or make a call.

Alternate keyboards

The Android OS has different keyboards that change according to the Apps that you are using. Other mobile OS don’t allow you the extra keyboards at all.

Gesture control

Android also offers gesture control wherein it senses human gestures using apps like Wave Control. This allows you to control your smartphone using hand gestures. So if you have messy hands but need to change a song then you can do so with a gesture.


Android OS widgets show you any feature you choose right on the screen with the help of its widgets. For example – you have weather widgets or tools that remind you of your upcoming meetings or appointments.

Easy settings App navigation

When navigating through settings, you can click on the hamburger menu on the left side of the Android device and choose you option.

Security and password

Android devices are equipped with security options for locking the device. These options include – pin code, pattern lock, fingerprint scanner etc. Even if you lost your device, you can lock it remotely.

Features of Android studio

  • Real time coding and bug fixing
  • It’s developer console is packed with practical and smart features
  • It gives you direct access to Google services
  • Provides instant run feature whenever you click run or debug
  • Has an intelligent code editor
  • Has a fast and feature-rich emulator
  • Has code templates and sample Apps
  • Has extensive tools and frameworks

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