6 tips to improve your logo designing skills

logo designing skills

Many people believe that logo designing is something at which you improve over years through relentless practice, but the truth is that to improve your logo design you need to do more things than just practice. This includes carefully analysing and observing things and applying strategy in making the design. So if you are serious about improving your logo designing skills then keep reading and implement the following tips into your design to achieve assured success and client’s appreciation.

Perform extensive research

Logo designing is not just about creating a beautiful looking design but to create something that speaks out a brand’s story in a clever and effective manner. So before sketching out the logos make sure that you do extensive research on your client’s business. Understand his business model first and then create a story of the brand by means of your logo.

Go through the company’s website, read the industry blogs, browse through its competitors and then begin your design after having gone through the above stated verticals. In other words, just like you prepare for a job interview, you need to gain knowledge of the particular field before designing its logo.

Also, have a discussion with your client about how he would want the story of his brand represented through the logo. All these insights shall be helpful to you in preparing a logo that pleases one and all.

Dig deeper & ask penetrating questions

Looking at your client’s website and blogs is just the initial step in understanding his business. One needs to dig deeper and ask more penetrating questions in order to create the design. You must have a discussion with the leaders of the business and ask them questions like – Who is your target audience? Who are your main competitors? To most these questions won’t make much sense when we talk of logo design but the reality is that they are absolutely necessary for it. For example consider this – if the target audience of your client is above the age of 50 then you wouldn’t want to create a youthful looking design. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to use the same font in the design as that of the client’s competition. These small small details can help you out a lot in creation of the perfect design.

Focus on mobile first

As more and more people shift to mobile browsing from desktop browsing, it becomes necessary to focus on mobile. Many big companies like Yahoo and Subway, over the years have adopted a minimal logo design for mobile because when you’re dealing with smaller pixels an overwhelming logo shall look nothing but fussy.

Mobile and minimal logo design is the future hence, it is important that you start focussing your attention towards it.

Try out new fonts

The key to create a distinctive looking logo is to use a stylish font. Hence, get out of your comfort zone and try out new fonts. Various types of fonts are released all the time and you should take advantage of them. You can also use tools like Adobe illustrator to create stylish new fonts and make a logo for the client that makes the brand stand-out amidst the competition.

Study the big brands

In order to create a good logo you must understand the logic behind the logos of the top brands. Understand it like this – if you want to learn football then you would watch a professional game rather than a kid’s football game. Seek inspiration from the logo designs of the big brands – you can also explore the designs while you are in a supermarket. Just remember one thing – explore, observe, understand and seek inspiration from it.

Create a design that appeals to the sub-conscious mind

Though you put a lot of thinking and hard-work into the creation of a logo, the truth is that nobody is going to look at it for more than a millisecond. Therefore, always create a design that appeals to the sub-conscious mind. And for this you will have to understand human psychology. Although it sounds like too much work but trust us, it is going to be worth the efforts.

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