Importance of Agile Web Development Services using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is an excellent developmental framework for crafting internet-based apps. It consists of an efficient tool, called Rails which is combined with the programming language, Ruby.

Created back in the 1990s by a renowned Japanese developer, Ruby was aimed at reducing the effort required in creating complex coding projects by developers. The language was derived from combining the best aspects of the popular coding languages, including BASIC, C, C++ and PERL, among others. Owing to its simply structured grammar, syntax and culture, it is significantly easier to learn and to use by programmers.

Ruby on Rails, simply known as Rails, was initially developed in 2004, and since then there have been immense improvements in the form of several updated versions of Rails. 

Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Agile web development is one of the buzz words which you might be hearing a lot these days. It involves development of products beforehand and releasing them frequently for user feedback. This is an excellent way to ensure optimal product development without the need to invest immense amount of resources towards it.

Some of the common advantages of using agile web development with Rails are:

  • Faster product development
  • Ability to improve product with efficient customer feedback
  • Complete transparency and better communication between client and developers for real-time work progress reports.
  • Rapid prototype development
  • Optimal product design for improved ROI at lessened risk

Why choose Agile Web Development with Rails?

There are some distinct benefits that the clients and developers get when they use agile web development with Rails in their product development process. The immensely efficient programming language makes it an excellent choice to test your products before launch to ensure their demand:

1 – No repetitions

Rails functions uses the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle which states avoiding duplicity while writing the codes for a new product. This makes the code have better efficiency, be easier to maintain and have lesser errors too. This is the core guiding principle behind Rails that makes it an excellent choice.

2 – Time-saving

The basic conventions guiding program development in Rails are designed to ultimately speed up the overall product development process. As time is of the essence in today’s rapidly dynamic market, this makes it an even more efficient programming language than the conventional Java.

3 – Improved Client-Server Connectivity

Rails language is also based on the REST (Representational State Transfer) principle. This is a truly uniquely designed software architectural structure which prioritizes client and server relationship. Apart from this, it also makes the structural portion more logical and compatible for use as an API.

4 – Optimum product development

All the excellent features of Rails combine together to provide programmers and clients with an innovative, efficient and easier way to solve problems coming along in the product development process. This makes Rails inherently stronger, more flexible and more efficient than conventional frameworks.

Advantages of Using Rails for Effective and Efficient Agile Software Design Cycle

Check out some of the top advantages that make using Rails an ideal choice for agile software design cycle:

Adaptive product planning for best final product

The Agile web development method takes a collaborative approach. This is aimed towards connecting two cross-functioning teams and helps to find the best-suited solutions. This eventually results in adaptive software design and development, with shorter delivery time and still has scope for vast improvements for clearing development hurdles easily.

Advantages of Active User Community

Rails programming language has an immense active online community dedicated to raising awareness and improving the software development platform constantly. The user-friendly and object-oriented characteristics combine with access to an immensely large library of open source codes are provided by members of this community.

Focus on Flexibility and Precision

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure provides readymade frameworks to help create web pages, web services and even to organize databases. The immense flexibility provided by the programming language makes it easy to use with conventional coding languages, including JavaScript, HTML, etc. Not only this, the excellent testing framework in it also makes it an excellent and efficient tool today.

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