Augmented Reality Apps For Home Decor

AR Apps for Home Decor

Purchasing a piece of furniture from the shop and bringing it back to the home only to see that it does not fit into the room is one of the biggest problems a customer faces in this traditional way of purchasing. But with the introduction of (AR) Augmented Reality apps for home decor, this trouble has gone to nil.

Augmented Reality apps for home decor offer an advanced experience for the customers by bringing digitized furniture objects directly into your room.

It implies now you can precisely check whether the furniture will fit in the room or not before making the purchase.

Most of the furniture selling companies today are turning into an AR furniture retail platform with the sole goal to make purchasing easy for its potential customers.

In fact, these platforms attract more customers because of its immersive features and excellent user experience. Hence, Augmented Reality apps for home decor turned out to be a great help for the people who are planning to remodel their homes.

Some of the most popular Augmented Reality (AR) apps for Home Decor

Ikea Place

ikea ar app example

Ikea Place is the app that was introduced by the Ikea company for making furniture shopping easy and exciting.

Ikea AR retail furniture platform was one of the first companies and gamechanger in the home furnishing industry. Leveraging Apple’s ARKit platform on the iPhone helped the company to grab a lot of publicity in the market.

ar app example

Ikea Place is one of the best-augmented reality apps for home decor because it has a sleek interface and does an excellent job of placing digitized furniture objects directly into your room.

You can use this feature of the app by simply walking in the room with your camera on.

The app can scan your entire space and convert it into a virtual room, allowing you to place furniture objects in any corner of your home. The items remain still in one place, helping the buyers to see it from different angles.

From bedroom to kitchen and bathroom, this AR furniture retail platform app is the right fit to decor any corner of your residence.


Housecraft is an app with some standard features of Ikea place, but it is not an AR furniture retail platform, i.e., a person can’t purchase through this app. However, it helps the users by giving them a virtual view to make furniture selection a more straightforward process.

Thus, customers can place various digitized pieces of furniture in their virtual room to see whether it fits or not.

These digitized furniture items give you a perfect view from every angle, making the inspection process more efficient.

Moreover, this app also includes virtual plants that can be ideal for people thinking of adding new plants to their gardens. Besides, the customers will see no ads in this app, which makes it a hassle-free option.


With the app DecoratAR, customers can get an idea to redecorate their otherwise old and dull walls. This app helps the customers view their rooms with different wallpapers virtually so that they can choose the right one for their rooms.

It is one of the best augmented reality apps for home decor because it can precisely guess the size of the room and can estimate the number of paper rolls required for that particular room.

The app also informs the customers about the estimated amount that they have to spend on these wallpapers. So, no need to waste time in inspection to get an estimate for home decor.

The app is incapable of recognizing the objects in front of the wall. It just places a virtual paper on the customer’s entire wall, covering TV and other furniture so that one gets a clear view of the final outcome.

Dulux Visualizer

The paint company Dulux has introduced the Dulux visualizer app for giving its customers a personalized interior design solution that meets the aesthetics of their house.

This app is also considered one of the augmented reality apps for home decor as it helps select the perfect color for the walls of a room. It does excellent work as the virtual paint does not cover television, furniture, and other objects in the room.

Point your smartphone toward the wall to get a live view of the room and paint the walls in the color of your choice. A person can also color an object virtually using this app; he/she just has to click a photo of the object.


Another in our list of top Augmented Reality apps for home decor is Lumos that will help the users to know how the sun will pass over their room every day. This will help a person to build or design the room according to the directions of the sun.

It is one of the best ways to design your house in a way that it gets natural light in the daytime, hence cutting down your energy bills. Also, if someone is shifting to a new place, then this app can turn out to be of great help.

Allow the app to see your geographic location, and the app will complete the analysis within a few seconds. You will get an AR view of how the sun shines over your house.


Magicplan is an app that can be used to measure the rooms’ size and generate a blueprint for the house. The sleek user experience provided by Magicplan makes it an ideal choice for interior designers.

The user of this app just has to point out the room by using the camera of the phone, and the app will estimate the size of the room.

After completing this activity, the AR furniture retail platform instantly gives out the outline for placing doors, windows, furniture, closets, appliances, and many other items as per that area.

The app also helps to estimate the cost of painting, wallpapering, tiling, and flooring the house based on the size of the room.

Thus, this augmented reality app for home decor is an all-inclusive solution when you’re planning house renovation from scratch.

Paint Tester

This app is somewhat similar to the Dulux visualizer app. As the name of the app suggests, a person can select a new color theme for his/her wall virtually using this app. The users just have to take a photo of the wall they wish to recolor.

The picture will save on the app, and one can apply any color to it virtually. So, you don’t need to fret now about how the wall will come out after a final paint job.

Additionally, it is one of the best Augmented Reality apps for home decor as it does not cover the household objects in front of the wall.

If covered, a person can use the edit option to remove the color from the objects.

Final Thoughts

Augmented reality apps for home decor can make the customer’s user experience much better as they get to virtually experience the use of the products even before purchasing it.

You often buy an item or paint the wall, but the final result fails to match with your idea. These advanced AR apps will save you from making such wrong decisions. Hence, they are cost-efficient and time-saving options for you.

Undoubtedly, with the innovation of these Augmented Reality apps for home decor, home designing has touched new heights. Let’s hope to see more revolutions in the home decor industry by implementing AR tech.

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